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Sri H. created project Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

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Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

Hybrid Intrusion Detection System by leveraging the benefits of Machine Learning techniques to build a system which detects the intrusion and alerts the respective network administrator. This can be extended from Intrusion to breach detection as well. The developed system analyses and predicts the behaviour of users which in turn classifies as an anomaly or a normal behaviour.

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Sri H. created project Farmyzer

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Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and contributes to about 17% of its GDP. Yet, the condition of farmers in India is poor. Farmers face problems like lack of soil fertility, unreliable weather conditions and overdependence of middlemen. Our project aims to eliminate these problems by giving personalized suggestions, monitoring fertility and maximizing overall yield and profits by leveraging the benefits of Machine Learning and deep learning on colfax cluster using Intel Caffe


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This is meant for the Farmyzer group to share the work progress

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