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Mark M. updated status

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Mark Munavi

Android app that work with insurance companies and insurance broker that is used to authenticate people seeking services from medical service provider in developed countries.

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Victor M. updated project Smart E-commerce Atacadista status

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Victor Moraes

Neste momento estou trabalhando na fase de análise na primeira iteração do ciclo de vida do desenvolvimento do software. Minhas atividades principais têm sido a elaboração do diagrama entidade-relacionamento, do diagrama de casos de uso, da determinação dos requisitos funcionais e da modelagem de processos. Estas atividades, dentre outras, dão-me perfeitas condições de avançar à fase de projeto, na qual trabalhei aspectos mais técnicos da construção do software. Este projeto utiliza os princípios e recomendações de documentação do Processo Unificado. O trabalho tem seguido sem qualquer problema, mas é grande o desafio de virtualizar um processo comercial feito manualmente. É necessário que a modelagem de processos seja feita rigorosamente e sem omitir quaisquer detalhes.

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Purvam P. created project Mediconnect

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Get health status reports, guide from experts doctors , explore medical blogs ,manage medical insurances and docs , fund raising for poor and many more It suggests user posts , doctors , blogs on basis of machine learning . Person can also keep track on health wrt to wrist health band that monitors health constantly and sophisticated ml /ai is used to track of it . Hospitals can simply scan fingerprint / adhere and get details of person regarding previous health status , blood group , surgeries .

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Damla G. created project Intelligent Security System for Abandoned Luggage

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Intelligent Security System for Abandoned Luggage

The system aims to find out abondoned luggage that was left by its owner, by using computer vision and machine learning techniques. Hence, it differs from the existing studies and projects. It is done by using Background Modelling as an pre-process operation for the coming frame. In this part, static objects are defined and sent to the machine learning part of the project. Here, by using a trained model in Faster R-CNN, static objects are determined if they are luggage or not. If they are luggage, the event analysis will be considered between the luggage and its owner by looking at the conditions around them.

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bhargav T. created project Automated Plant System Using Intel Edison

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Automated Plant System Using Intel Edison

in the age of technology, where everyone is running against time not having time to even care about their surroundings and the nature. In an attempt to solve the problem of taking care of plants even at the time of rush hour, I made an electronic circuit that monitors the moisture levels in the soil and waters the plants accordingly. Materials used : 1. Intel edison seed kit/Arduino uno board 2. Arduino extension board 3. Moisture sensor 4. Connecting wires 5. TIP 122 Transistor 6. IN 4007 7. Water pump

Theory: Automated watering of potted plants with Intel Edison... A Moisture Sensor detects the low moisture content of soil and activates the water pump or the solenoid valve which controls the flow of water. When the required water is pumped to the plants, the sensor automatically stops the pump / solenoid valve. It is a recursive process.

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Ryan T. created project WRENCH: Workflow Management System Simulation Workbench

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WRENCH: Workflow Management System Simulation Workbench

WRENCH provides a software framework that makes it possible to simulate large-scale hypothetical scenarios quickly and accurately on a single computer, obviating the need for expensive and time-consuming trial and error experiments.

WRENCH enables scientists to make quick and informed choices when executing their workflows, software developers to implement more efficient software infrastructures to support workflows, and researchers to develop novel efficient algorithms to be embedded within these software infrastructures.

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Thumb rupam Rupam Das

Created: 11/18/2015

Rainbow helps your kid to be smarter and ahead of the other kids and time with it's intuitive and...

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Meat Sense

Thumb wa5dhibh Erik Medina

Created: 02/15/2016

Meat Sense is an IoT oven designed to showcase natural voice interactions with an IoT device.

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Thumb u3nm 7ef Pavel Bayborodin

Created: 01/15/2016

Build a mobile app for your connected project or product in less than 5 minutes

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Thumb qgk3r0ui Joyce Rigelo

Created: 11/06/2016

With the superpowers of the Intel Joule and the RealSense Camera, ReconBot3000 patrols your home ...

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Thumb p7vgkosn Eskil Steenberg

Created: 04/04/2017

Stellar is a software platform for controlling elaborate LED lighting setups.

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G Prime

Thumb code monkeysfist Chris Skaggs

Created: 12/15/2015

A Unity game utilizing deterministic physics to simulate complex and moving gravity fields.

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