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Jay B. updated status

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Jay Barbeau

I am a long time developer in multiple languages. My focus is 3D graphics and graphics APIs, (OpenGL, Direct3D, Unity) along with music technology and audio. I have been experimenting with Inverse Kinematics (IK) 3D characters driven by MIDI data in realtime animating characters. My main goals are performance technologies and education technologies. I created an AI driven piano tutor. I want to determine if AI can be used as an expert programming tool to aid my efforts and make me more productive.

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Prateek K. created project WarHammer

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With modern technology becoming obsolete in cyber security, we need to come up with innovative ideas to increase the notch up in the fight against unauthorized access to our information and data. I will be taking help of Theano,Torch,Microsoft CNTKA framework to start with and then modify the implementation as i move in later stages of the project. I will be trying to modify various protection algorithms and try to come up with a ML algorithm that takes help of deep learning frameworks. I will also be taking help of Gensim to validate my data collection as efficiently as possible. The changes to encryption and decryption techniques will be studied thoroughly in later stages. In a manner where DNA cannot be replicated , similarly developing a neural network net around my algorithm against network intrusion will be the deciding factor in the efficiency of the modified algorithm. I will also taking help of Apache Hadoop in analyzing my stored data from cyber attacks and storing the result of my predicament in Apache Spark to make real-time decisions. The main problem in using machine learning algorithms in cyber security is the creation of an overhead which has an adverse effect on algorithm's performance. To eliminate it to a appreciable stage I will be taking help of BlueData without any changes to Hadoop or Spark framework. Finally the performance of the algorithm will be tested with the help of BigBench kit to get a full report on the project.

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Yeser Y. updated project IRPML status

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Generating the learning data set using Intel's performance libs, training algorithms requires data to be fed to the tool/framework which in return is to be used to train and verify/cross verify the resulting models. Parallelization and vectorized math built into the MKL constitute the beating core of the this phase.

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Alex A. created project SSLK8S

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I need to examine SSL/TLS performance under server load with Docker containers being orchestrated by Kubernetes in a Linux operating system (K8S on "bare metal"). I need to examine the effects of starting and stopping multitudes of containers on HTTP/SSL performance. I am interested in comparing no acceleration vs AES-NI vs QAT acceleration. Typical Target server would be 2 processor, 16 cores/32 threads, 128GB up to 1 TB RAM. Target network interface is 10 gbps.

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ASHWANI K. created project Music Mash

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Music Mash

It's an AI bot that controls your music and other music apps, it is in Development mode. Contributors will come to help us.

The Whole Package Complete Solution Natural Language Understanding Tools to design unique conversation scenarios, design corresponding actions and analyze interactions with users.

Cheat-Sheet Document with Pre-Defined Knowledge Included Knowledge Included Leverage predefined knowledge packages collected over several years, including encyclopedic data, weather, news, booking, flight schedules, and much more.

Light Bulb Image Machine Learning The platform learns from examples provided by developers and conversations it has with end users to continuously improve the user experience.

Two Way Conversation with Support Conversation Support Switch seamlessly between conversation topics, while remembering where you left off for each one.

Rotating Cog Integrations Leverage integrations with Alexa, Cortana and messaging platforms (Facebook, Slack, Skype, Cisco Spark, Twilio SMS, etc.).

Space Ship Lifting Off Easy to Get Started Create and deploy a conversational agent in a few days. Continue to train your agent while it learns from conversations it has with end users.

Computer and Mobile Device Cross-platform Support SDKs for iOS, Mac OS X, Apple Watch, Android, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, Python, Unity, Ruby, Xamarin, and more.

Globe Image Multi-lingual Support Support for 14 languages. More coming soon!

Speed Monitor High Performance We process millions of user requests daily with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

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Kirklynn H. updated status

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Kirklynn Hance

I am a highschool student at northwest highschool as a junior currently studying, Java, Java script, C++, visual basic, and HTML/CSS. I am excited to learn and grow and hopefully be able to collaborate with some of the better programmers today to learn and grow.

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Jonathan Wan

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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Thato Rampedi

Piano, Composition and gaming :). Pretty much where all my time goes.

South Africa

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Francesca Tosi

Porto Sant'Elpidio, Province of Fermo, Italy

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Sayanta Neogi

2nd year computer science Hons student

Hooghly, West Bengal, India

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Thumb rupam Rupam Das

Created: 11/18/2015

Rainbow helps your kid to be smarter and ahead of the other kids and time with it's intuitive and...

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Meat Sense

Thumb wa5dhibh Erik Medina

Created: 02/15/2016

Meat Sense is an IoT oven designed to showcase natural voice interactions with an IoT device.

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Thumb u3nm 7ef Pavel Bayborodin

Created: 01/15/2016

Build a mobile app for your connected project or product in less than 5 minutes

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Thumb qgk3r0ui Joyce Rigelo

Created: 11/06/2016

With the superpowers of the Intel Joule and the RealSense Camera, ReconBot3000 patrols your home ...

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G Prime

Thumb 12249946 10154463087553747 6687997361483543393 n Chris Skaggs

Created: 12/15/2015

A Unity game utilizing deterministic physics to simulate complex and moving gravity fields.

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Thumb verona fablab logo intel Verona FabLab

Created: 09/09/2016

We wanted to tackle the problem of leaving clothes for a long period in the washing machine, afte...

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Default user avatar 57012e2942 Hans Pabst

Created: 12/06/2016

Library for small, dense or sparse matrix multiplications for today's HPC applications, and small...

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