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Zohar T. created project Your Pictures Memory Game

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Your Pictures Memory Game

Available now on Google Play:

Love memory games (matching games) but bored from memory games and matching games with simple icons and images?

How about a memory game (matching game) with your own pictures?

“Your Pictures Memory Game” is a memory game (matching game) with your own pictures!

The game is using your own device camera pictures as the cards for the game. You can use your "added lately" pictures as your cards to enjoy memories of last added pictures or use "shuffle" to enjoy the variety of all of your pictures. This memory game (matching game) is great to enjoy your pictures in a fun and enjoyable way.

Memory games are a great exercise to your brain and a great way to improve your memory. “Your Pictures Memory Game” makes it a lot more fun as it is using your own pictures. This is a great and fun way to remember and memorize your great pictures which you did not look at for a long time. Research shown those kind of games are great to develop children’s memory skills.

This memory matching game is perfect for kids and adults. A great fun for family, kids and friends. Using your device pictures, this is one of the best personalized and most attractive brain trainer. Brain & Puzzle game. Pairs game. Matching game. You simply get it all in one fun matching game for everyone.

Features: * 6 different levels from easy one up to really hard one * 2 different themes: "added lately" and "shuffle" * Long-click to enlarge picture * Sounds muting option * 2 versions available: free with ads, and paid as ads-free

Great for kids, family and friends.

Have fun, enjoy great time with friends and family while playing our personalized matching game with your own pictures!

For bug reports and improvements: The code is: Apache License 2.0

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bharti g. updated status

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bharti goel

Hi, I'm working on vehicular activity recognition and location identification using low power sensors usually present in smartphones and smartwatches.

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ASHWANI K. created project Music Mash

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Music Mash

It's an AI bot that controls your music and other music apps, it is in Development mode. Contributors will come to help us.

The Whole Package Complete Solution Natural Language Understanding Tools to design unique conversation scenarios, design corresponding actions and analyze interactions with users.

Cheat-Sheet Document with Pre-Defined Knowledge Included Knowledge Included Leverage predefined knowledge packages collected over several years, including encyclopedic data, weather, news, booking, flight schedules, and much more.

Light Bulb Image Machine Learning The platform learns from examples provided by developers and conversations it has with end users to continuously improve the user experience.

Two Way Conversation with Support Conversation Support Switch seamlessly between conversation topics, while remembering where you left off for each one.

Rotating Cog Integrations Leverage integrations with Alexa, Cortana and messaging platforms (Facebook, Slack, Skype, Cisco Spark, Twilio SMS, etc.).

Space Ship Lifting Off Easy to Get Started Create and deploy a conversational agent in a few days. Continue to train your agent while it learns from conversations it has with end users.

Computer and Mobile Device Cross-platform Support SDKs for iOS, Mac OS X, Apple Watch, Android, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, Python, Unity, Ruby, Xamarin, and more.

Globe Image Multi-lingual Support Support for 14 languages. More coming soon!

Speed Monitor High Performance We process millions of user requests daily with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

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Jonathan Wan

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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Thato Rampedi

Piano, Composition and gaming :). Pretty much where all my time goes.

South Africa

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Francesca Tosi

Porto Sant'Elpidio, Province of Fermo, Italy

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Sayanta Neogi

2nd year computer science Hons student

Hooghly, West Bengal, India

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Mini Drone Game

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 02/23/2016

Designed for your backyard, two mini drones play a game of strategy mixed with piloting skill.

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