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Pablo N. created project Puzzle Game in VR

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Puzzle Game in VR

This simple puzzle game will be used in my upcoming course and workshops on VR to illustrate the use of Events in Unity and to show some simple 3D game mechanics in VR, which differ quite a bit from their normal 3D game counterpart.

The game implements a reusable "drag and drop" VR component that can be used in other Unity projects.

This game will be included in The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development Course, and it has been tested with the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

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Pablo N. created project Space Invader VR - Minigame

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Space Invader VR - Minigame

Space Invader VR is an attempt to bring this classic to VR. This mini-game will be part of The Complete VR Game Development Course, currently in the making.

The game features a simple mechanic: you have to shoot aliens before they reach the ground, and before they kill you.

The game is implemented in Unity, and tested so far just in the Oculus, but it should work on the Gear VR and HTC Vive as well with minor adaptations.

This is a project in the making, I plan to add a lot more things to it like little creepy aliens that head towards the player, more 3d models and some general game logic elements such as game over, restart game, etc.

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Salvino F. created project Drone for erosion control of the coasts

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Drone for erosion control of the coasts

The elevation of the sea. the construction of ports. Determine the change of the line of the coast. It is important to control the movement, and devising a future projection to understand the damage.

The system allows you to: - Perform a pre planned flight - Getting to share and coordinate detection - Taking of photographic images at high resolution - Re-process the image, scoring the midpoint shoreline (separation sea beach) - Making a difference with remarks made in the past.

All data will be used to create future projections on the level of erosion of the coastline.

... Soon more information about this project.

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Pablo N. updated project The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development Course status

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Pablo N. created project VR Mini-Game - Mosquito Killing in a Forest

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VR Mini-Game - Mosquito Killing in a Forest

At the start of this VR game, the player is in a beautiful low-poly forest, at night time. There is a nigh skybox, fire particle effects and different light options have been used to create a calm atmosphere. Shortly after you start, giant mosquitos start to come from all directions, and the player has to kill them all.

This game will be part of The Complete VR Game Development Course with Unity.

Platforms: Oculus, HTC Vive, Cardboard and Gear VR.

(Hopefully can add Alloy too in the future)

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Ryan M. created project VR Point Cloud Editor

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VR Point Cloud Editor

Point clouds intrisically lend themselves to VR given their 3D nature. Current tools for viewing and manipulating point clouds are predominantly 2D. VR with positional tracking provides a more intuitive way to view and manipulate point clouds.

This project is being developed on HTC Vive hardware. Features will include:

  • View colored point clouds from a first person perspective.
  • Positional tracking moves the user through the point cloud.
  • Rotate and scale the point cloud using the Vive controllers.
  • Manipulate the point cloud (e.g., segment, cull, etc) using the Vive controllers.

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SungMin Bae

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Karan Patil

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Anton Bubnov

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Smart Book

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Created: 12/05/2016

Smart Book is one of the academic projects we are mentoring at ESPRIT Mobile. It consists on a 3D...