Facebook 3D tour using Oculus Rift

Facebook 3D tour using Oculus Rift

Let's meet is one of the academic projects we are mentoring at ESPRIT Mobile. It consists mainly on a 3D tour in your Facebook profile.

Game Development, Virtual Reality, Networking

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‘Let‘s meet’ is a 3D application offering to user the possibility to get inside a 3D virtual world using Oculus headset, in this world the user will be able to discover a new way of using the social networks. The user will be experimenting a unique experience in a virtual 3D world divided into several sections, each section represents one of the Facebook services (friend list, pages, groups…) with the ability to perform all kind of actions related to the service (chat, comment, share, like…)

The project is mainly based on audiovisual aids techniques due to several indications within the environment allowing the user to establish written and movement interactions.

“Let’s Meet” has been conceived and developed with a major optimization reducing its weight in terms of increasing the response time so that the user won’t be waiting for so long in order to remain faithful to the virtue of social networks. To meet the needs of user comfort we have designed an environment with high ergonomics guiding the user with clear and simple indication so that he can easily fulfill any interaction.

Knowing that Facebook has bought the oculus Rift headset and considering his notoriety within worldwide society by scoring 1,750 millions of active users. We consider that ‘Let’s meet’ may have major impact and the scope to reach over millions.

As all PIM projects we are mentoring ( acronym for "Projet d'integration mobile"), this project is made by 4 engineering students coached by one mentor. We are 10 Associate professors/R&D engineers mentoring 120 engineering students per year.


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Andre C. created project MagicMirror RealSense Module

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MagicMirror RealSense Module

The idea is very simple: add a small board and a monitor behind a two-way mirror and code some software to provide useful information to the person in front of it.

I’ve seen on the Internet some implementations of this, but I wanted to provide personalized information to the person in front of it using a camera and facial recognition algorithms. Something like providing commuting time and next appointments for me and change the information when my wife would stand in front of it.

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Srinivasan S. updated status

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Srinivasan Saripalli

Design and Development of a Android App for Autistic Children. This App would be simultaneously Developed in both English and Kannada languages and would serve as a great helper App for such physically challenged children. The App subsequently would also have the feature to interact with the child, understand the child behaviour and automagically respond to his/ her requests of any kind.

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Dat N. created project Autonomous Self-Racing Car

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Autonomous Self-Racing Car

This project covers many modern techniques in self-driving car development, yet at lower cost. Deep Transfer Learning, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, SLAM, ROS are all implemented from scratch. Fortunately, I could take this car to local MeetUp group around Bay Area, such as DIYRobocars. to learn and compete with others.

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