Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are transforming the networking ecosystem through software, decoupling network functions from hardware where workloads are centrally controlled and deployed dynamically.

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Nick D. created project FANANTIX

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Imagine flying a drone over a concert venue or stadium. Throngs of fanatics scream at the top of their lungs, mere ants to your eyes. Someone in the crowd pulls out their phone and clicks FANANTIX mobile app. Suddenly, all phones in the venue receive a notification. As the notifications are pushed, the phones are synced. The venue has pre-loaded optic crowd wave designs that beam from a blue tooth device. An epicenter is chosen, and then, instead of the "wave" you see at football stadiums, an intense visual (logo, droplet, word, mascot, ripple) is created as the concert-goers jump when their screens turn green...

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Eskil S. created project Stellar

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Stellar is a protable highly multithreded application that can controll hundreds of thousands of lights at 100+Hz.

Stellar lets you design and map complex lighting setups in full 3D, so that lighting effects can be controlled with high precission.

Stellar then gives the user a familliar 3D application interface to design and animate light effects, using a powerfull plugin system where the user can combine layers of filters to create a wide range of effects.

Finally Stellar lets users play bak these effects in like a DJ, where they can controll selected prameters and tie them to music and hardware devices such as Midi, and game controllers.

Stellar works on multiple platforms and supports VR.

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Eskil S. created project Unravel

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Unravel is my project to reengineer the internet (DNS and up). It will replace messaging, chat, social networking, search, media and file shareing, and a whole lot more. It will be open source and alow anyone to build anything they want on top of it. It will be built to be secure, and provide privacy, veryfyability.

At its core Unravel will be a mesh distributed database with an API to access the data. It makes heavy use of checksums and ECC encryption for encryption and verification. It is written in C for maximum preformance, and is built to run on anything from an enbeded device, to a phone, a PC or a super computer.

I dont like what the internet has become. Especialy I don't like the cloud. Today most comunication online happens using walled guarden intermediaries who store and inspect and triage everything. There shouldnt need to be any intemidiares to do any of the things we want to do, but right now we have to. I think that who controls information matters. I think that privacy matters. I think the user should be in charge, of what they see, and who they comunicate with, the software they run, and what information they store and share.

Maybe the rest of the world dont care about any of this. Maybe everyone else is happy with the internet we have. I'm fine with that, I'm just not fine with there not being any other options. Thats what im doing, I'm building another option, because I can, and because someone should.

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Andres M. created project Secure SMS

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Secure SMS

SSMS is a group of technologies that provide security to SMS messages, so it can be used to send sensitive information between a cloud server and a mobile application.

Since Secure SMS operates over the SMS channel, it does not require Internet connectivity. Encrypted messages are transmitted in form of a link so when received, and touched, they invoke and launch the related app, to complete delivery of the information conveniently.

Currently SSMS is being used by mobile banking applications to receive Secure Notifications and to transport Secure Transactions, but when you think of SSMS as an alternative data channel, usages are limitless.

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Nil Patel

Bayad, Gujarat 383325, India

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Nick Dixon

B.A.s in Economics and B.A.s in Poli Sci from Uni San Diego. Founder/CEO of RANGA TANK co.

Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

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谷 贺

Hefei, Anhui, China

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永聪 郑

Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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I´m a system engineer and CCNA & Lucent Tech certified, I´m work how network administrator per 4 years ago.

Avenida Venezuela con Calle Mohedano, Caracas 1060, Miranda, Venezuela

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Julian Dario Luna Pati±o

#Maker - #IoT - #Domotica CEO @DOMOTECO Jah is always around me!

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

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Edwin Salcedo

Learning how to be an outstanding engineer • Software Engineer • MBA Candidate • Full-Stack Developer • Django Lover

La Paz, Bolivia

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Marcello Fiducioso

Born in Italy in 1994. After moving 4 times in a row, I am taking roots in Zürich to complete my M.Sc. in RSC

Limmatquai 122, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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Maksim Shevtsov

vulica Savieckaja 97, Babrujsk, Belarus

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Thumb u3nm 7ef Pavel Bayborodin

Created: 01/15/2016

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