Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are transforming the networking ecosystem through software, decoupling network functions from hardware where workloads are centrally controlled and deployed dynamically.

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Aravindhan N. created project Automatic attendance management system using face detection

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Automatic attendance management system using face detection

Automatic attendance management system will replace the manual method, which takes a lot of time and is difficult to maintain.There are many bio metric processes ,in that face recognition is the best method. In our campus staff attendance is taken with the help of Gesture recognition /attendance sheet .We can take this to next level by implementing Artificial Intelligence based Face Recognition using Convolution Neural Network(CNN). We have to train our neural net using COCO (large Image dataset designed for object detection) and Staff Dataset (Several images of individual staffs). Since we don't have the photos of the staffs,we have trained our neural net using our own photos.Our Neural net consists of 20 neurons in the hidden layer which help us to diagnose the pixels of the image and compares the result with the trained dataset .By using our advanced system the staffs can use their own mobile/laptop [camera] for registering their presence in their own place which is possible only if they are connected to our college Network (WiFi).

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Mark M. updated status

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Mark Munavi

Android app that work with insurance companies and insurance broker that is used to authenticate people seeking services from medical service provider in developed countries.

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Purvam P. created project Mediconnect

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Get health status reports, guide from experts doctors , explore medical blogs ,manage medical insurances and docs , fund raising for poor and many more It suggests user posts , doctors , blogs on basis of machine learning . Person can also keep track on health wrt to wrist health band that monitors health constantly and sophisticated ml /ai is used to track of it . Hospitals can simply scan fingerprint / adhere and get details of person regarding previous health status , blood group , surgeries .

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Orlydon B. created project ChatSauce App

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ChatSauce App

ChatSauce is,

FUN & INFORMATIVE - Stickers - Gifs - 24/7 Newsfeed around the world

GIVES UNIQUE USER EXPERIENCE - HD Voice and Video Call - Elegant Interface - More organize chat (Mention, Quote, Forward)

INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY - Group Chat - Group Call (up to 4 people) - Quick Reply - Pin Note

SECURED MESSAGING - 1-1 : Strong Authentication - Secret Chat : End-To-End Encryption

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bhargav T. created project Automated Plant System Using Intel Edison

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Automated Plant System Using Intel Edison

in the age of technology, where everyone is running against time not having time to even care about their surroundings and the nature. In an attempt to solve the problem of taking care of plants even at the time of rush hour, I made an electronic circuit that monitors the moisture levels in the soil and waters the plants accordingly. Materials used : 1. Intel edison seed kit/Arduino uno board 2. Arduino extension board 3. Moisture sensor 4. Connecting wires 5. TIP 122 Transistor 6. IN 4007 7. Water pump

Theory: Automated watering of potted plants with Intel Edison... A Moisture Sensor detects the low moisture content of soil and activates the water pump or the solenoid valve which controls the flow of water. When the required water is pumped to the plants, the sensor automatically stops the pump / solenoid valve. It is a recursive process.

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Alish Dipani

A computer Science Undergraduate Student interested in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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Hamsini Sankaran

I am a graduate student seeking Internship 2018 /Fulltime in Software Engineering .I am a research oriented person currently assisting the research team at San Jose State University in Smart City Vision project using deep learning. I have a strong background in Object-Oriented programming and two years of work experience as a software developer. I have a passion for Data Analysis and Deep learning. I would love to play with Image Recognition using TensorFlow - Assiduous worker with an ability to grasp concepts rapidly - Team player with a methodical approach to deliver quality products - Work with unflinching determination to achieve target on time

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Created: 01/15/2016

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