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Cyrus L. created project Virtual Brian Krzanich Tour-guides Intel's CES 2018 Booth and Keynote Stage then wraps up with a Surprise! - a Merged Reality Experience!

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Virtual Brian Krzanich Tour-guides Intel's CES 2018 Booth and Keynote Stage then wraps up with a Surprise! - a Merged Reality Experience!

A merged reality experience that will push the boundaries of Intel’s processing power of it’s 2-in-1 laptop and take advantage of the new RealSense D400 camera. In this merged reality experience, a virtual character utilizing advanced spatial understanding and spatial awareness powered by Clever Robot Labs software will clone Brian Krzanich and be able to give a personal tour at Intel’s physical booth of latest products at CES 2018.
The technology is adaptable can be demonstrated onstage at the Intel Keynote and press conference. By utilizing Intel's RealSense D400 camera attached to an Intel 2-in-1 laptop folded into tablet mode, users will be able to walk around the booth area and follow Brian as he leads the user to specific locations in the Intel booth. Software used – RealSense SDK along with Clever Robot Labs Merged Reality Spatial Understanding and Smart Scenery. Using Smart Scenery, the user will also be able to repaint the Intel booth to look like a different environment – an alien space station, a castle, or even the world of Minecraft.

This demo will demonstrate the use of merged reality virtual characters in physical real environments and its use in enterprise for training, education, and marketing. More specifically, this demo will be a merged reality tour of the intel CES 2018 booth and Intel CES 2018 keynote stage using a merged reality clone of Brian Krzanich. Using an Intel 2-in-1 laptop in tablet mode with a D400 RealSense camera attached, the user can walk around the physical Intel booth while being accompanied by a virtual Brian. By using CRL Spatial Understanding and Smart Scenery technology along with the RealSense SDK, virtual Brian will have spatial awareness and understanding of the physical environment and be able to navigate in the real Intel booth to guide the user towards specific locations in the booth where physical products exist as well as launching other augmented/ merged reality content as supplemental informational material. At the end the tour, as a surprise, battle armor (a la iron man like suit) will transform around Virtual Brian – then, both the user accompanied by a Virtual Battle Brian will fight merged reality Aliens Monsters from another Dimension (AMD) at the Intel booth and also on the Intel CES keynote stage. Using Smart Scenery, the booth or stage will be repainted into an alien space station for the battle. This demo will make use of the latest version of our Clever Robot Labs Mixed Reality technology which we had demonstrated to great excitement and tremendous interest at Intel's Google I/O Day Zero in May of 2017. ( as was witnessed by Eric Mantion and Wendy Boswell!) Here is a video of the Clever Robot Labs technology that will enable this demo -


30 year Game Industry Veteran. CTO of Clever Robot Labs - makers of the Clever Robot Labs Mixed Reality Content Creation Platform

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