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Natural interaction, immersive, collaboration, gaming and learning, 3D scanning. Integrate tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, augmented reality, and more into your apps.

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Karan P. updated status

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Karan Patil

Strongly enthusiast to work on future of computing including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, IoT and mobile technology. Currently training students with programming and computations.

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Gregory M. updated status

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Gregory Menvielle

Heading out to Australia to present at APIdays Australia & New Zealand . If you know people in Sydney (or Perth) whom we should meet with, would love some intros, especially in IT consulting, transportation, smart cities, and mining.

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Nathan G. created project Torch - Casino Hotel Experience

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Torch - Casino Hotel Experience

Utilizing the Torch Interpretive Projection System powered by Intel RealSense Technology, Design Mill Inc developed an interactive experience designed for high-end luxury hotels and casinos. The Torch Casino Hotel Experience is designed to be easily integrated into a hotel room, transforming any tabletop into an interactive experience. This enables guests to easily order express room service by displaying a select menu of food and drinks the guests can order. While the guests wait, they can enjoy a bit of gaming directly in the room.

We utilize the Intel RealSense to track the user's hand, allowing them to hover over items they wish to select. With room service, they can select which foods they would like to order. While playing Blackjack, user's can select their bet amount, as well as how they would like to play their hand, whether it's to stay, hold, or double down.

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AMC B. created project Havok@SketchUp

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Havok@SketchUp is a proof of concept add-in that extends the functionality of SketchUp - a Trimble Buildings solution, by allowing export of 3D model geometry from SketchUp to Havok physics engine for real-time simulation of dynamics of rigid bodies, including collision detection, with walk-through/fly-through within the 3D model environment designed in SketchUp. With Intel® RealSense™ F200 camera this plug-in provides an ability to move around and inside of 3D models as a first person of Havok 3D game environment using hand gestures or keyboard.

The add-in features the following functions:

· Import of 3D model geometry with materials and textures from SketchUp;

· Moving around and inside of 3D models as in a first person 3D game environment;

· Flying around the 3D models;

· Video recording;

· Adding text labels to the locations of interest with the further ability to export them into SketchUp;

· Adjusting light source settings;

· Gesture-based control with Intel®RealSense™ camera.

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Johnny C. created project The Small Garden Birdwatch

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The Small Garden Birdwatch

Despite urbanisation, our back garden silently provides wildlife a chance to recuperate from our harsh urban landscape. Birds are able to fly into our garden - pecking away seeds from birdfeeders; pulling out and sucking worms from the soil; sneakily hunting bugs (that enjoy sticking onto plants and composts) for "yummy" snacks; having a wash by the pond; and even just sitting around sunbathing.

Some gardens attract certain types of birds, whilst some other, may attract other types. Wouldn't it be awesome to get a visual big picture of bird statistics that may help us improve our garden and the "bird wildlife community" as a whole? ("If we cannot measure, we cannot manage").

Inspiration: In the UK, there is this intuitive organised by RSPB (a charity) called The Big Garden Birdwatch (, aiming to do exactly that - "Count the wildlife that's counting on you. We'd love to know what you saw during Big Garden Birdwatch". The way it works: you spend a day with your loved ones, sitting by the garden, watching wildlife (primarily birds) coming in and out, and jot down what you see. You then submit the survey result via the web portal - contributing in building that big picture of "the bird wildlife community".

The Problem: not everybody has the time to participate, or the bird identification skills - and as a result, vital bird statistics collection opportunity may be lost, or birds being mis-identified.

So here's an idea - A network of local RealSense Cameras sitting on small form factor computers that poll and feed wildlife statistics of our back gardens onto a cloud server, where data maybe stored, analysed, visualised, and used for education.

Could we add AI recommendation (e.g. this is how to increase your chance of getting 50% more birds and reduction of garden pests... etc). Could we integrate some kind of auto bird recognition software? Include sound recording too? Time of day? Temperature and humidity? Sensors and Actuators? The possibility is infinite... maybe start simple and stupid, then go complicated and clever?

What will you make.

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Salvino F. created project Drone for erosion control of the coasts

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Drone for erosion control of the coasts

The elevation of the sea. the construction of ports. Determine the change of the line of the coast. It is important to control the movement, and devising a future projection to understand the damage.

The system allows you to: - Perform a pre planned flight - Getting to share and coordinate detection - Taking of photographic images at high resolution - Re-process the image, scoring the midpoint shoreline (separation sea beach) - Making a difference with remarks made in the past.

All data will be used to create future projections on the level of erosion of the coastline.

... Soon more information about this project.

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Dankuni Junction, Dankuni Station Rd, Station Pally, Dankuni, West Bengal 712331, India

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Greg Granger

Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC, USA

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Hover Bike

Thumb pic Abhishek Nandy

Created: 02/11/2016

In new avenues with WITLS we are working on different technologies to scale up different Realsens...

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Thumb 300981 Thomas Endres

Created: 12/14/2015

Welcome to the game ParrotAttacks, a classical HTML5 browser based bird shooter game controlled b...

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b08 the Robot

Thumb 2015 10 11 21.01.23 Steve Favis

Created: 08/16/2016

b08 the Robot is in pre-seed stage and we are recruiting developers of all skills sets and of all...

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Thumb qgk3r0ui Joyce Rigelo

Created: 11/06/2016

With the superpowers of the Intel Joule and the RealSense Camera, ReconBot3000 patrols your home ...

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