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Natural interaction, immersive, collaboration, gaming and learning, 3D scanning. Integrate tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, augmented reality, and more into your apps.

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Nagarjuna S. updated status

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Nagarjuna Sagar

Hi everyone.. at Intel Developer Mesh. I'm Nagarjun student from India, completed my bachelor of engineering in computer science and currently pursuing Master of Technology in Computer Science from B M S College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India. I'm interested in Artificial intelligence because it is the field which have potential to solve many problems and be helpful for many industries and for society. As I'm a technical student had fewer knowledge machine learning and AI but have to enhance my skills in the field so that it will be helpful for my future projects . And I hope that it will be the platform helpful for me to enhance my skills and where I can clear my doubts about AI.

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Aleksandar M. updated status

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Aleksandar Marchev

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Sumedh P. created project OCR for devnagri scripts

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OCR for devnagri scripts

Opencv library was used for image processing. After removal of speckle, pepper noise and binarization contours in the images where obtained. These contours were the words as shirorekha is present above all characters. Each word was deskewed using hough line transformations and the word was divided into three parts. And shirorekha was removed The features used for classification were the raw pixels. As of now, basic characters(only क ख ग..) segmented by this process were tested using SVM with linear kernel (130 fonts). This was testing on similar fonts and the accuracy was found about to be around 95%

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Manipal, Karnataka, India

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Shivansh Sharma

I am a person with full of imagination and creativity . I like to explore new things as they give me the opportunity to learn more. I personally believe that one should never stop learning, no matter how old you are!

Jalandhar, Punjab, India

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AI entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast, Do-er


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Pavan Budihala Nagaraja

I am graduate student from University of Cincinnati.

1937 Dixie Hwy, Fort Wright, KY 41011, USA

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kelvin ndemo

Am kelvin onkundi ndemo from Nairobi,kenya currently pursuing Bsc.mathematics and computer science in JKUAT

Juja, Kenya

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Opetunde Adepoju

Machine learning student | Women in Data Science Ambassador | Member, Data Science Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

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Héctor Murrieta

Hi I'm hector, I'm very passionate to create technology using machine learning and deep learning.

Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

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Hover Bike

Thumb pic Abhishek Nandy

Created: 02/11/2016

In new avenues with WITLS we are working on different technologies to scale up different Realsens...

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Thumb 300981 Thomas Endres

Created: 11/14/2015

Control a Parrot AR Drone quadrocopter using gesture control cameras like the Intel RealSense.

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Thumb 300981 Thomas Endres

Created: 12/14/2015

Welcome to the game ParrotAttacks, a classical HTML5 browser based bird shooter game controlled b...

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Thumb paul langdon Paul Langdon

Created: 01/13/2017

MagicMirror+ for Intel Joule - Adding Face/Voice Recognition & Control using RealSense, Voice and...

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b08 the Robot

Thumb steve intel mesh dev profile Steve Favis

Created: 08/16/2016

b08 the Robot is in pre-seed stage and we are recruiting developers of all skills sets and of all...

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