Remote Car Driving using Gestures and Voice

Remote Car Driving using Gestures and Voice

Prabu Arumugam

Prabu Arumugam

Atlanta, Georgia

Sit in the driver seat of a real Ferrari toy car and drive it around using hand gestures and voice commands.

Robotics, Internet of Things, Game Development, Intel RealSenseā„¢


Gesture and voice inputs, captured using Intel RealSense 3D camera, are converted to driving commands in real-time. You can wear a virtual reality headset and drive the Ferrari car with a first person view (FPV) - it's like you are sitting in the driver seat of the car.


Demo Video

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Prabu A.

Yes, I'm planning to provide haptic/vibration feedback on the phone used in the VR headset. Having a separate wearable vest for vibration is also a good idea!

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Adam B.

I love this idea.

Could you integrate a wearable (vest) that has vibration and tightening straps, that provide physical feedback to the remote driver as a car feedback mechanism?

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