projeto salva minha vida senhor

projeto salva minha vida senhor



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Carolina F. updated status

Medium carolina oliveira

Carolina Oliveira


I am a Technician in Administration and I am in the second year of the Graduation of Systems for Internet, in FATEC Santos, Brazil. I was interested in Artificial Intelligence and Security last year when I was researching in areas of expertise, and since then I have participated in groups on Facebook and Whatsapp about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Python.

I am currently working on a site design project that brings together establishments that sell food to people with food restrictions, and I plan that by the end of the day I can implement what I have learned about AI. For this, I am doing some Udemy courses on Python and AI, my first steps in this area are being with the Python NLTK - Natural Language Toolkit library.

I hope to share my acquired knowledge and to learn a lot from all of you.

On my GitHub, you can keep track of what I'm doing. I am receptive to new learning and projects:

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Mariia G. updated status

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Mariia Gavriushenko

Hello. My main research interests are adaptive and intelligent Web-based learning environments, decision support systems, qualitative learning solutions and Semantic Web Technologies. Recently I am working on developing new models for adaptation of learning systems (right now it is adaptive learning vocabulary for small kids, which takes into account words similarities by different aspects). I would like to know more about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for future creation of adaptive learning systems because it is very important topic taking into account developing technologies and knowing that every person is individual, and has their own learning speed, own knowledge background, and own preferences. Right now I am working on game for kids, which takes into account Semantic words similarity and trying to prove the hypothesis that semantic similarity could influence on the words recognition

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CHANDAN .. created project Real Time Attendance Monitoring System

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Real Time Attendance Monitoring System


Real-Time Attendance Monitoring System is a python implemented software which is used to automate the attendance taking procedures for the students.

Problem Statement:

Since we are moving towards a better and modern world the importance of time play a major role. And in colleges and schools, i had observed that in a lecture of 50 to 60 minutes 5 to 6 minutes which is minimum counted is used by a teacher to take attendance of the student's and also 3 to 5 minutes are being wastes just to maintained the decorum in the class sometime proxies of other student's are also made which is a problem for the teacher as in a huge strength it is impossible for teacher to put his/her proper attenstion.

And after the attendance taken by the teacher they had to upload it to the college/school server which is also a redundancy and wastage of time so just to solved this problem as observed by me i had created a system which automate the attendance procedure and and reduce the burden for the teacher. It will give teachers 10 to 15 minutes more to explain other topics which are sufficient for a single class.

Technologies used to implement this system are :

Python 2 - Native Language

Tensorflow - To Train Models

OpenCV - Image Processing

PyQt - UI

Pycharm - IDE

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abhilash r. created project Typing pattern identifier

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Typing pattern identifier

This application can be used for recognising the person who are using the device .Coming to practical application if a computer or mobile is used by a family of four members then according to pattern of usage we could identify the person and can suggest things or can modify settings as per the user (Cool application right :-) ). Basically this application is a web page served by node JS server and the machine learning model is ran by node JS through command line and arguments etc etc ..... Currently planning to improve this project by adding additional features .

Could view the project in the github link provided below

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abhilash r. created project Application for Analysing Forums Using Natural Language processing & Cloud services

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CHANDAN .. created project Medicine Prescription Using Patient Health Analysis

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Medicine Prescription Using Patient Health Analysis

Problem Description :

Nowadays there is very easy to get access to medicines, because of this there has been increasing in improper taking of medicines and doctors are not able to identify speedily how much dosage of drug they should prescribe to the patient, sometimes it had been observed that the patient had been prescribed a wrong medicine which is harmful to patient body. These errors can be seen everywhere, whether it is a hospital or a small clinic. Most of the time it had been observed that the patient had to spend more time in the hospital due to improper dosage in medicine prescription. One in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care. Even the doctor sometime misses the decimal point which will result in improper utilization of dosage which harms the patient.

There are numerous types of prescription drug errors. Some of the more common include:

1.Administering the patient the wrong medication.

2.Administering the patient the wrong dosage of medication (i.e., too much or too little medication) mislabeling the medication

3.Prescribing the patient a medication that the patient is allergic to.

4.Prescribing the patient a medication that interacts negatively with other medications that the patient is taking, and failing to warn the patient of the common side effects of the medication.

5.In most of the cases when a patient had been hospitalized the doctor give's oral prescription to nurse to give this and that medicine to the patient which can create error due to the fact that many drugs have similar names sound as same but they are used for different purposes which result in a prescription error, for which the patient had to suffer.

6.Miscalculating drug interactions.

7.A prescribing fault can arise from the choice of the wrong drug, the wrong dose, the wrong route of administration, and the wrong frequency or duration of treatment, but also from inappropriate or erroneous prescribing in relation to the characteristics of the individual patient or co-existing treatments; it may also depend on the inadequate evaluation of potential harm deriving from a given treatment.

Prescription errors account for 70% of medication errors that could potentially result in adverse effects. Corrective measures need to be introduced to improve the drug delivery system and retard the incidence of medication errors. We should guarantee a patient safety, we can reduce the no of death cases that occur due to errors in medicine prescription which can also result in low-cost treatment for a patient as because of the reduction in error rates.

Solution :

Using the past data of the patient we are creating a system software which can be intelligently able to prescribe the medicine to the patient while observing all the previous cases of other patient's. The whole body of the patient is being analyzed and based upon that particular medicine is prescribed. The system also does analysis that if any side effects and reaction with other medicine can be occurred or not, if so the system will also generate the message for the doctor which is further examined.

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