projeto salva minha vida senhor

projeto salva minha vida senhor



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criação de controle de estoque

Android, Virtual Reality, Networking

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Jawad S. created project Skin Lesion and Diabetic Retinopathy Classification using Transfer Learning

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Skin Lesion and Diabetic Retinopathy Classification using Transfer Learning

This is a research oriented project where we have tried to use machine learning models for classification tasks using images as an input. We've used CNN model for the task of image analysis and classification. The architecture of our model is a standard architecture used by many in the industry. The architecture is called Inception model.

We've used transfer learning to take adapt a partially trained Inception model on our dataset. Using the model thus obtained, we made an android app and a website to make the model usable.

Additional info can be found on the github repo =>

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Grant R. created project URL-What? - What is that URL about, which you sent me?

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URL-What? - What is that URL about, which you sent me?

Input: one URL Input Example: Output: an English language explanation of what the page is about Output Example: A human readable desktop and mobile ready web page without video that describes a group of people studying AI on their own. Rated at 50% likelihood you will like the page. Difficulty level: Moderate Dataset availability: Needs to be developed. Similar to existing projects: Image recognition with the added feature of explaining what is in the picture in an English sentence.

Why cat pictures? Because I have copyright on them and the devmesh system mandates having pictures.

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MAQBOOL T. added a comment on project Wheelie - Using Intel RealSense Technology to drive Wheelchairs.

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Wheelie - Using Intel RealSense Technology to drive Wheelchairs.

IDF16 demo. Wheelie is a hands-free solution that uses Intel RealSense technology to drive robotic wheelchairs. Wheelie allows you to set up key expressions as commands. Let's take a ride!

1-Here are the options: full-smile, half-smile, wrinkle nose, eyebrows up, kiss movement, tongue out and puffed cheek. 2-Pick up 5 of them. 3-Wheelie links the expressions to a command to drive the wheelchair: moving forward, backward, turning right, left and stop.

After a stroke some patients may have different restrictions on controlling facial muscles. Wheelie offers 7 different facial expressions to be selected, but sometimes using the head is the best way to go. Wheelie and Intel® RealSense™ can together track you head position using the pitch, the roll and yaw translating these movements into wheelchair commands.

Commands based on speech recognition are also available.

Brazilian researchers develop face-controlled wheelchair:

New Version:

Facial Expressions:

Head movements:

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Frida Dwi I. created project Alternative Controller : Baby Toy

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Alternative Controller : Baby Toy

This project was made to enliven our communities - GameLan Booth at Bekraf Developer Day (BDD) Solo 2017. BDD is an event when many developers gathering at one place. There’s seminar, talk show, and workshop from the top Player in Indonesian Tech Industry come and join to share their knowledge to others.

The Project itself called with Ungek-Ungek Game. As the controller of this game made with Ungek-Ungek, an old children toys that always made sound “ungek ungek” when it’s swayed. We thought it would be so cute and alarming for the audience, with this unique controller that usually being played with friends in their old days, now becoming a device that can make a Ninja to jump and run.

The Game design of this is relatively simple, a one level platformer game that led by a ninja. The objective of this game is looking for a scroll. The controllers are made and customize as the higher sound the sensor’s accepted, the Ninja will jump. And the softer sound the sensor’s accepted, the ninja will run.

This Game and the controller were made with an internal game jam . The Development of this Game made with Construct 2 and Paint Tool SAI for the assets.

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