Octoblu + Intel Curie + Edison Powered OmniDrinkBot

Octoblu + Intel Curie + Edison Powered OmniDrinkBot

Moheeb Zara

Moheeb Zara

Mesa, Arizona

An opensource telepresence omnidirection bartending robot built using the IoT platform Octoblu and Intel maker hardware!

Android, Modern Code, Internet of Things, Robotics

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Using an Intel Curie connected over bluetooth to an Intel Edison running a local IoT cloud connected to Octoblu to program and control an opensource, scratch built telepresence drink dispensing robot that can move in any direction. EVENTS: SXSW16



Octoblu Github

Johnny-Five Javascript Robotics Library

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Salvino Fidacaro

Intel Software Innovator, Manager GDG Nebrodi, CEO Goowai / Bizzwai.

98076 Sant'Agata di Militello ME, Italy

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Eric Mantion

Eric Mantion is the Software Community Manager (Nerd Herder) for Intel RealSense Technology.

Tempe, AZ, USA

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Benjamin Odom

Developer Evangelist

Portland, OR, USA

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Josh Bancroft (Intel)

Community Manager, Developer Relations. Geek. Husband. Father. Educator. Tinkerer. Studies the intersection of technology and humanity.

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Bob Duffy

Folsom, CA, USA