Embedded Systems "Space Invaders" Video Game Program

Embedded Systems "Space Invaders" Video Game Program

Mark Sand

Mark Sand

Austin, Texas

Created arcade-style game featuring level-based gameplay and AI opponents with TI TM4C123 microcontroller, LCD screen, and Keil μVision IDE

Artificial Intelligence, Modern Code, Internet of Things, Game Development

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• Coded in C on TI TM4C123 microcontroller • Programmed multiple levels, sound effects, and graphics • Utilized periodic interrupts and abstract data types • Built the hardware circuit, integrating an LCD display, digital-to-analog converter, potentiometer, and switches for gameplay

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Bob Duffy

Folsom, CA, USA

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Suniel Rampadarath

Born on 20th july 1971. 43 years old and 15 years experience in the field of ICT,Sms, MIS, Digital Security, differentiate on DM -field (Digital Marketing)

Paramaribo, Suriname

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Ali Baghchehsara

Ali Baghchehsara, was born in February 25, 1993 and is a young creative researcher. Recreational interests include Glider Flying, Skiing, Diving, Hiking and Playing Piano. While in middle school, Ali was creative and passionate enough to be an inventor. He started to take part in research at age 12 by developing a toothless idea on a flying device; he was so persistent he got a patent on it by age 16. One year later he took first prize for his work in the field of Gas Turbine in National Aerospace Competition. At 18 he began his studies in field of Aerospace Engineering at KPNU as the first batch and he founded the first engineering research association in the engineering school and facilitated the aerospace laboratories for students and created an aerospace talk show and significantly affected common knowledge, therefore Royal Aeronautical Society named him a Young Person Commendation Award in 2014 in London. Later on He continues his education in Bremen University of Applied Sciences. In 2013 he co-authored the Electric Space with Mr. Jones and published it in North Charleston, SC about their common project which later on which later on with Danny Jones (CEO), Thomas Taylor (P) founded Solar Maximum LLC® to further Research and develop Concentrated Solar Energy system designs to generate power from Space, and was elected as an Associate Member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society. At age of 22, Ali was awarded by the International Gas Turbine Institute an Outstanding Service Award in Turbo Expo 2015 for his services to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) and was appointed as and was one of the youngest co-chairmen the next Turbo Expo in Seoul.