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University Students passionate about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and seeking to advance these fields

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Samuel M. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Samuel Mghendi

Hello Everyone, I am Samuel Mwamburi, a final year student pursuing a BSc. Informatics degree from Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya. I am currently winding up my internship at UN Environment, Nairobi in Information Management and Systems intern. My work primarily involves Big Data and Data Science. I'm working on a team developing a web platform based on Hadoop, Spark and PredictionIO. I am proficient in Python and Java, have experience in GUI development with Tkinter and web development with Django framework. I am also an ISACA Kenya chapter student member with fundamental knowledge of cyber security and information systems audit. I have handled web application development projects using HTML, CSS, and JS individually and collaboratively. Also, I have interned at the AMPATH Kenya collaborative where, as an information technology intern, I worked in a high-pressure work environment, exposed to the rigors of agile system development in mobile application development using Java and the Android Studio SDK. I believe membership in the Intel Developer Community would be highly beneficial towards the growth of my knowledge in AI and machine learning as well as offer me the opportunity to acquire and share ideas on the topic.

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Tanmay A. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Tanmay Agrawal

Hey, I am a 19 year old undergraduate at SRM University, Chennai. I have been working on projects related to Computer Vision for Autonomous UAVs. I lead the Computer Vision department of a student research lab at my college where currently we're building a low cost Crop Health Monitoring Drone from scratch which would help small-scale farmers to maximize the yield and produce better analytics of their crops. We are using multispectral cameras sponsored by our college and © Parrot SA in our initial build and we will be doing it with regular low cost drone cams in the future builds to reduce the cost even further. This would be done using advanced Deep Learning techniques and the mapping and navigation would be automated using a mixture of techniques like Optical Flow, SLAM, Reinforcement Learning etc. I have also used Intel's RealSense SDK and their cameras to aid our research.

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Meltem A. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Meltem Atay

Hey everyone, I am a PhD student of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology, main focus of my PhD is developing more reliable solutions for medical image diagnosis, I am also interested in IOT solutions for people in need, last year with a team of designer students I helped to develop an easy machine learning based diagnostic solution for children in need, named (it’s in Turkish but you can catch the idea). I am also interested in autonomous cars and Inhope to propose a cheaper, safer model which can be used all over the world.

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Rohun T. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Student Developers for AI

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Folsom, CA, USA


University Students passionate about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and seeking to advance these fields with amazing new and innovative Deep Neural Network Models and AI Applications

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Siddhant Agarwal

A Design Thinker at heart. Currently working as Ecosystem Engagement Manager at Beahead Pvt. Ltd. living in Bengaluru, India. I love helping startups scale in User Experience (UX). Read more at:

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Thabo Koee

A Futurist whose enthusiastic about implementation of AI in broader scales, with the usage of robust computational processing power.

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Ngesa N Marvin

IoT Champion for GDGs, SSA. Intel Student Ambassador. Co-Lead, GDG Nairobi |Telecom Eng | Android+Embedded+AI #IoT #5G #AndroidThings Phreak // Opinions are my own.

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Created: 01/17/2017

ML generated model of robotic arm.

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Default user avatar Sampath Chanda

Created: 01/19/2017

Automatic generation of captions for images (and scenes subsequently) using Artificial Intelligence.

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