Cartoon Network Game Jam

Cartoon Network Game Jam

Corey  Warning

Corey Warning

Portland, Oregon

A 48 hour game making competition to compliment the launch of "OK K.O.!" 200 developers, 45 games, 1 grand prize: complete your winning gam

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I co-organized a game jam where game makers created 48-hour jam entries based on judging criteria determined by Cartoon Network. At the end of the weekend, entries were given a short polishing period for their projects, then a winner was chosen! 16 Finalists won prize money and will have their work published in a Cartoon Network Game Jam bundle! The winning game jam team had a chance to negotiate a contract with Cartoon Network to provide the services to bring their project to fruition as a fully-fledged mobile app.


Pump Up The Jam (Portland Mercury)

CN Game Jam Website

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Pallab P. created project Face It

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Face It

Face It is a mobile application that uses computer vision to acquire data about a person’s facial structure as well as periodic inputs by hair stylists to accumulate data about regional fashion trends. The application then utilizes artificially intelligent software to recommend trendy haircuts and beard styles that complement each individual's facial structure. The application will allow users to test out different looks with filters that are generated based on the recommendations provided. Face It also generates product recommendations that will be based on responses to questions that each user will input during the registration process about their hair, skin, and lifestyle. Face It ensures that every haircut a man gets makes him look his best. Face It also solves the product selection dilemma that a man experiences.

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Andres M. created project Secure SMS

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Secure SMS

SSMS is a group of technologies that provide security to SMS messages, so it can be used to send sensitive information between a cloud server and a mobile application.

Since Secure SMS operates over the SMS channel, it does not require Internet connectivity. Encrypted messages are transmitted in form of a link so when received, and touched, they invoke and launch the related app, to complete delivery of the information conveniently.

Currently SSMS is being used by mobile banking applications to receive Secure Notifications and to transport Secure Transactions, but when you think of SSMS as an alternative data channel, usages are limitless.

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Neil D. created project Scin

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One out of every twenty people does not have access to medical facilities. Skin diseases and afflictions affect more than 80% of the world’s population and are sometimes a sign of internal problems. Skin diseases are primarily diagnosed visually, and then by more invasive procedures (dermoscopic analysis, biopsy, and histopathological examination). A similar issue arises with plants, with more than 30% of crops in less affluent areas dying due to diseases. Due to this loss of crops, one in nine people are suffering from chronic undernourishment.

Automatically detecting and diagnosing these lesions has been challenging, owing to the variable properties of each disease image. Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are a new method of machine learning, one that is showing to be extremely promising at detecting images with real world variables. (lighting, focus, etc.)

In this project, I classified skin and plant ailments/diseases using a specially developed CNN, trained using only images of the conditions with only pixels and disease labels as inputs. I trained the CNN on a dataset of 200,000 clinical and horticultural images, consisting of 13 human diseases and 17 plant diseases. Outfitted on an IOS device, my application is capable of classifying skin and plant diseases will a level of competence comparable to dermatologists and plant pathologists. All the user must do is aim the camera of the smartphone towards the diseased area, and my application will provide a real-time diagnosis to the user by classifying the image using the CNN. The CNN achieves performance far above any other tested system, and its efficiency and ease of use will prove it to be a helpful tool for people around the world. There are currently 6,000,000,000 mobile subscriptions in place, so, therefore, my application could potentially provide low-cost universal access to vital diagnostics.

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Jonathan W. updated status

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Jonathan Wan

Race2B is the holistic & motivational digital coach to peak athletes’ performance by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. It collects and analyzes data from 1) race day performance, 2) routine training, 3) dietary consumption, 4) sleeping habits, and 5) health KPI’s, then generates personalized plans that focus on training, nutrition, & recovery. Plus, Athletes will be rewarded for their intensive training and healthy lifestyle by the incentives provided by their health care providers and corporate wellness program.

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Zohar T. created project Your Pictures Memory Game

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Your Pictures Memory Game

Available now on Google Play:

Love memory games (matching games) but bored from memory games and matching games with simple icons and images?

How about a memory game (matching game) with your own pictures?

“Your Pictures Memory Game” is a memory game (matching game) with your own pictures!

The game is using your own device camera pictures as the cards for the game. You can use your "added lately" pictures as your cards to enjoy memories of last added pictures or use "shuffle" to enjoy the variety of all of your pictures. This memory game (matching game) is great to enjoy your pictures in a fun and enjoyable way.

Memory games are a great exercise to your brain and a great way to improve your memory. “Your Pictures Memory Game” makes it a lot more fun as it is using your own pictures. This is a great and fun way to remember and memorize your great pictures which you did not look at for a long time. Research shown those kind of games are great to develop children’s memory skills.

This memory matching game is perfect for kids and adults. A great fun for family, kids and friends. Using your device pictures, this is one of the best personalized and most attractive brain trainer. Brain & Puzzle game. Pairs game. Matching game. You simply get it all in one fun matching game for everyone.

Features: * 6 different levels from easy one up to really hard one * 2 different themes: "added lately" and "shuffle" * Long-click to enlarge picture * Sounds muting option * 2 versions available: free with ads, and paid as ads-free

Great for kids, family and friends.

Have fun, enjoy great time with friends and family while playing our personalized matching game with your own pictures!

For bug reports and improvements: The code is: Apache License 2.0

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