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Marni C. created project Queer Quest: All in a Gay's Work

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Queer Quest: All in a Gay's Work

Inspired by classic gems like Monkey Island, Kings Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry, but set in a queer community in the pacific northwest. You play as Lupe, a long haired butch with a heart of gold. She lives with her babely girlfriend, Alexis, that is until one day when Alexis gets kidnapped! You gotta help Lupe by deciphering clues, talking to lovable weirdos, and navigating self care.


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Mark Stumbris

I started the Computer Developers Union, drones, robots and IOT are my thing:)

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Intel is inside more and more Android devices, and we have tools and resources to make your app d...

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Modern Code

Drive faster breakthroughs through faster code: Get more results on your hardware today and carry...

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are transforming the...

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Edwin Maye

Web Apps | Google Developer Groups Lead | O365 & MS Azure | Python Beginner | Blogger | #MeetMaye | Key Learnings® | Ugali + Fish = Me | Graphics & Design 👌

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Zayne Sprague

Extremely enthusiastic about anything AI related! I love learning about new mathematical disciplines and concepts, and I love Sci-Fi!

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migue santibañez

soy un chico de 18 que estudia actualmente ingeniera de sistemas y que quiere aprender a programar pues me destaco bastante.

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ahmed waleed

I am a technology enthusiast who learns and adopts new things will like to explore new technology stacks at Intel.

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