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Mariia G. created project Adaptive vocabulary learning

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Adaptive vocabulary learning

Vocabulary replenishment is an ordinary child development process. Deviations in this process can significantly affect the further progress and perception of the educational material in the school. A hypothesis was proposed that the similarity of words on various factors can influence the child's understanding. To test this hypothesis in this work, we propose the development of AdapTalk game for children. This game is concentrated on learning words, precisely animals. This game will be the basis for further testing the influence of the semantic similarity of words for the child. This work describes the development background, the basic principles of calculating the semantic similarity of words, as well as the main game processes, such as filtering, training and testing. The proposed functionality is a good base for introducing other factors of similarity of words, further testing and introduction of an adaptive mechanism for improving the vocabulary of children.

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Mariia Gavriushenko

Hello. My main research interests are adaptive and intelligent Web-based learning environments, decision support systems, qualitative learning solutions and Semantic Web Technologies. Recently I am working on developing new models for adaptation of learning systems (right now it is adaptive learning vocabulary for small kids, which takes into account words similarities by different aspects). I would like to know more about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for future creation of adaptive learning systems because it is very important topic taking into account developing technologies and knowing that every person is individual, and has their own learning speed, own knowledge background, and own preferences. Right now I am working on game for kids, which takes into account Semantic words similarity and trying to prove the hypothesis that semantic similarity could influence on the words recognition


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