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Jeet R. created project Wonda VR Demo Video

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Wonda VR Demo Video

Wonda VR makes it easy for content creators and institutions to create and share highly engaging VR learning experiences on any VR platform.

Building on its team’s 10-year track-record of success in multimedia production and software development, Wonda VR offers the most intuitive and powerful software dedicated to VR video experiences publishing on multiple mobile VR platforms (iOS, Android, Oculus Mobile, Google Daydream, and more to come).

With Wonda VR, anyone with a 360° camera and basic video editing skills can now explore the power of VR for learning and development related projects. With a simple drag and drop, you can add interactive layers instantly to create your own VR experience using your 360° videos. No need for a costly game engine developer. Making prototypes is fast. Publishing across VR platforms becomes affordable and accessible.

Wonda VR was released only 12 months ago and has attracted more than 4,500 professional registered users in 60 countries growing 10% every month. Users include production studios from Melbourne to New York making immersive product training experiences for top brand like Telstra, Ebay or Airbus and top educational institutions such as NYU working on exploring the power of interactive storytelling in VR.

With the rise of affordable, easy to use 360° video cameras and well-designed VR headsets such as Google Daydream Viewer, more than 100,000 professional creators are expected to start making VR videos for learning & development projects by the end of 2017. Wonda VR goal is to become the #1 creation software for this new generation of learning experience makers.


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