ZeroG VR

ZeroG VR

Ramy Mounir

Ramy Mounir

Tampa, Florida

The idea is to create a Virtual Reality game to work inside a chamber with zero Gravitational force to better train our astronauts.

Game Development, Virtual Reality

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Astronauts (or anyone interested in experiencing zeroG) will be provided with everyday tasks facing astronauts in the space, user has to move the vive controllers in a similar way to how an astronaut will do it in the space to be able to move. Teleportation methods can be programmed into the game as well.

Upon completion of a specific task, the environment can be changed to provide the user with a more difficult task. This provides a real experience to anyone interested in experiencing spacewalks too.

Due to unpredictable movements in ZeroG, it is very hard to use a laptop inside the chamber. A backpack PC looks like the perfect solution for this application.

The MSI VR One backpack PC provide the perfect combination of high performance and portability needed for this project.


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hassan a. created project Scooter

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i already made the full mockup for the application and am try now to convert that work to an application to send the shipment details to my couriers

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hassan a. updated status

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hassan adel

am working on building a mobile application for my business i have shipping company it's on demand service and i would like to use mobile app to send delivery to couriers

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Frida Dwi I. created project Alternative Controller : Baby Toy

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Alternative Controller : Baby Toy

This project was made to enliven our communities - GameLan Booth at Bekraf Developer Day (BDD) Solo 2017. BDD is an event when many developers gathering at one place. There’s seminar, talk show, and workshop from the top Player in Indonesian Tech Industry come and join to share their knowledge to others.

The Project itself called with Ungek-Ungek Game. As the controller of this game made with Ungek-Ungek, an old children toys that always made sound “ungek ungek” when it’s swayed. We thought it would be so cute and alarming for the audience, with this unique controller that usually being played with friends in their old days, now becoming a device that can make a Ninja to jump and run.

The Game design of this is relatively simple, a one level platformer game that led by a ninja. The objective of this game is looking for a scroll. The controllers are made and customize as the higher sound the sensor’s accepted, the Ninja will jump. And the softer sound the sensor’s accepted, the ninja will run.

This Game and the controller were made with an internal game jam . The Development of this Game made with Construct 2 and Paint Tool SAI for the assets.

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Pablo F. created project VR Underwater Experience

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VR Underwater Experience

Underwater experience in VR using Unity's terrain generation tool. The player can dive alongside fish and run away from dangerous sharks.

In order to achieve a good frame rate and a non-excesive number of vertices and draw calls, a short camera clipping plane was used. The terrain tool had to use a very low detail level, and a blue fog effect was used to make it look realistic while using these measures to achieve better a performance.

This experience will be used for educational and demo purposes.

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Pablo F. created project Fitness VR game

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Fitness VR game

Game where you have to jump in real life, and the character will jump in VR. This only works in HMD that have position tracking, so that the game can capture the person's acceleration and trigger a jump in the game.

This game will be used for educational purposes - to teach people how to make VR games and to show how VR can be used in a fitness context.

I might extend this project into a commercial game, but haven't decided yet.

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