Virtual Multi-controller

Virtual Multi-controller

suryaveer singh

suryaveer singh

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Virtual Multi-controller is a virtual game controlling gesture. This can control each and every PC game virtually using a single device. We

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


Virtual Multi-controller is a virtual game controlling gesture. This can control each and every PC game virtually using a single device. We can calibrate this device according to user’s choices that he /she wants to play. Most of us want to play video games virtually because it looks so fascinating, but can’t play because these type of devices are so expensive and even cannot be afforded. But with the help of this controller we can play virtually. Construction Idea: We are going to use some basic sensors like orientation sensor, heart beat sensor etc. These sensors can give us position and behavior of player which we need during playing the game.


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Daniel T. created project E-MOTIV

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This work presents the development of a prototype for the recognition of universal facial expressions. This technic provides an alternative way of gathering data from the user, being able for usage as an input way for information systems. For faces detection and extraction of their characteristics technics of Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing are employed, implemented by the dlib library with Intel RealSense. The classification into facial expressions is performed by an Artificial Neural Network, of the multilayer perceptron kind.

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Adam M. created project TASS PVL Computer Vision Hub

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TASS PVL Computer Vision Hub


TASS PVL is a sister project to the original TASS Hub project. As with TASS Hub, TASS PVL is a local server which homes an IoT connected A.I. powered by the Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta. The hub can connect to multiple IP cameras and two Realsense cameras. First, the program detects if there is a face, or faces, present in the frames, and if so passes the frames through the trained model to determine whether the face is a known person or an intruder. In the event of a known person or intruder, the server communicates with the IoT JumpWay which executes the relevant commands that set by rules, for instance, controlling other devices on the network or raising alarms in applications etc.


TASS PVL uses the following Intel technologies:

  • Intel® Core i7 NUC
  • Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta
  • Intel® Realsense (R200,F200)


The IoT connectivity is managed by the TechBubble IoT JumpWay, the TechBubble Technologies IoT PaaS which primarily, at this point, uses secure MQTT protocol. Rules can be set up that can be triggered by sensor values/warning messages/device status messages and identified known people or intruder alerts. These rules allow connected devices to interact with each other autonomously, providing an automated smart home/business environment.


TASS PVL uses the Intel Computer Vision SDK Beta to provide the system with Artificial Intelligence. For other uses of A.I. used in the sister project TASS PVL, follow this link.


The IntelliLan Management Console/Applications are essentially IoT JumpWay applications, capable of controlling all IntelliLan devices on their network and communicating with the IoT JumpWay. Users can use the console and manage their devices using their voice which is powered by TIA, an A.I. agent developed to assist home and business owners to use TechBubble web and IoT systems.

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T P. created project Air Pollution Monitoring

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Air Pollution Monitoring

IoT based air pollution monitoring systems can monitor emission of harmful gases by using gaseous and meteorological sensors. In this project we are going to make an IOT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System in which we will monitor the Air Quality over a webserver using internet and will trigger a alarm when the air quality goes down beyond a certain level, means when there are sufficient amount of harmful gases are present in the air like CO2, smoke, alcohol, benzene and NH3. It will show the air quality in PPM on the LCD and as well as on webpage so that we can monitor it very easily.

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Nuriye A. updated status

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Nuriye Akın

Hello! My name is Nuriye. I am pursuing my 3rd year as Bachelor in Electrical Electronics Engineering at Erciyes University, Kayseri , Turkey. I am working about wearable technology. I am member of a start-up which called "Giyilebilir Türkiye". Actually i am the coordinator of this start-up. We are four female entrepreneurs. I am working on development boards like lilypad. I would love to learn more and more about electronic, wearable technology, programmable devices, IOT etc. So through you, i want to improve myself and women which are in my country. I'm happy to be here and i expect to learn and share so many things. :)

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Siddhant A. created project Intel Student Developer Program and Intel Student Ambassador Program

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Intel Student Developer Program and Intel Student Ambassador Program

With the Intel® Software Student Developer Program, our goal is to drive awareness and adoption of AI at the academic level by showcasing and highlighting the expertise, inspiration and innovation of students, and Intel Student Ambassadors, and their successes with Intel Architecture.

As part of Intel® Software Student Developer Program, we also announced the Intel Student Ambassador Program for AI, an exciting new program for university students to engage with Intel around their work in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Selected Intel Student Ambassadors act as key liaisons to Intel are provided technical support, resources, and marketing to advance their own work through Intel software, tools, and hardware and support to host activities that promote their research role for six months to a year.

As part of Intel AI focused Student Readiness Campaign Team, on behalf of Intel I evangelize the program to drive awareness and adoption of ML and AI at the academic level in various universities across India.

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