Library to control Orbotix Sphero using RealSense

Intel RealSense™, Robotics

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Library to control Orbotix Sphero using RealSense

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Purvam Pujari

Programmer | Developer . Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast !


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Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro

Co-founder and CEO of HOOBOX Robotics, the startup behind the next generation of interfaces for monitoring people behaviors. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Paulo is developer recognized by the Intel® Software Innovator program.

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Guy McNally

computer vision, machine learning and audio. www.smartience.com

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William Pearson (Intel)

Bill manages the Intel Software Network team. He also leads the team responsible for delivering the developer portion of the Intel Atom Developer Program. He enjoys working with remarkable people and technology. He joined Intel in 1997 after years of working on computer systems in airplanes. Bill spents his free time reading, taking pictures, dabbling in music, and exploring technology. You can also find my Twitter updates at @develop4atom.

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