Magic and Magnums Tower Defense

Magic and Magnums Tower Defense

Bringing Somagames Magic & Magnums IP into the real sense world.

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We're working to bring the Magic and Magnums IP from Somagames to a new gameplay genre as well as leveraging the power and awesomeness of real sense to add layer on layer of exciting interactivity.

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Jon Collins

Magic and Magnums torch edition is a tower defense/capture the flag hybrid game we developed in partnership with Codemonkeys of Newberg Oregon & the Torch sand table. As Intel Innovators we were able to leverage the leading edge technology of the Intel Realsense R200 depth camera to create a dynamic gameplay experience based on Codemonkeys iOS game Magic & Magnums, this allowed for players to experience a unique and different game every time they came to the table, and often times at GDC16 we saw repeat players coming back time and again. The game allowed players to shape the environment the game is played on the torch table using the 200lbs+ of sand held in the table which the players move to shape the landscape. After the initial phase of the game the terrain is locked in and the players then compete by placing their Towers of their chosen faction and then dispatching troops to either overwhelm their opponent or to capture their opponents flag and escape. In addition to the action being played out on the table eye level camera views are shown on the secondary monitor so spectators can see the action unfold while the cameras focuses on significant events unfolding on the battle field.

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