Indipendent or remote controlled Rover

Indipendent or remote controlled Rover

Marco Dal Pino

Marco Dal Pino

Torre del Lago, Tuscany

Small rover based on Windows 10 IoT Core that can explore an environment or can be remote controlled by WiFi or from the cloud

Robotics, Game Development, Internet of Things

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Small rover based on board supporting Windows 10 IoT Core that can explore independently an environment or can be remote controlled by a WiFi or from the cloud from a web app hostend in Microsoft Azure


Gallery of photo of the showcase of the project at Microsoft IoT Booth at /Build2016 Conference in San Francisco

Session about how to build the rover in 45 minutes at IoT Tech Day Utrecht

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Francesca Tosi

Numerical Analyst - Co-founder at K-TEQ - Intel Software Innovator - GDG Manager ** Web Developer & GWT passionate. ** ** K-TEQ Co-Founder ** ** GWTcon organizer ** ** Numerical Analyst ** ** Skills: GWT, mGWT, Java, Javascript, WebRTC, WebGL, HTML5, CSS3, Android, NDK, Intel RealSense, BoofCV** I got a PhD in Applied Math in 2006. I did research for some years in the field of computational fluid dynamics, working for research centers and international companies: ETH Zentrum (Zurich, CH); Exa Corporation (Burlington, MA/Usa); Ferrari (Italy); Ansys (Hannover, Germany). After the CFD and HPC experience, back in Italy, I started to investigate on how to use browsers for “compute intensive” applications, by using GWT of course. ** I work as self-employed, freelance developer on many projects for web and mobile GWT applications.**


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Adam Milton-Barker

I am a self taught programmer with over 13 years experience in various aspects of the tech industry. I am involved in disruptive and non-disruptive tech from web/Facebook/mobile & desktop apps, to the IoT, A.I., BioHacking, BCI (Brain Computer Interface) apps and Robotics. My EcoSystem, the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem, provides hyrbid web development, business administration systems, an IoT platform (JumpWay), IoT devices (IntelliLan), an AI platform, a news outlet and a robotics platform/social network are in development. In January 2016 I was a Semi Finalist in the Smart Homes category of the IBM/4YFN Global Mobile Innovators Tournament, I was also a first phaze winner in Microsoft/Arduino World Maker Challenge. More recently our team won the Intel Experts Award at the IoT Solutions World Congress for building a neural network on an Intel Joule and I am now an Intel Software Innovator.


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Aravind Sura

Hyderabad, Telangana, India