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SAVIO R. created project Digit classifier using MNIST dataset

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Digit classifier using MNIST dataset

Hi everybody!

In this post i will be describing easiest way to create a digit recognizer using sci-kit learn.In this session i will be using random forest which is a good algorithm for classification and regression tasks. For those of you who are new to datascience and ML this will give a good introduction into topic.The dataset we will be using is MNIST. You can do a quick google search for MNIST dataset and download it.

For more information about random forest, refer

The link to the .ipynb(ipython notebook) is given below.

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SAVIO R. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Hi !! My name is Savio and i am currently in 3rd semester studying undergraduate in computer engineering.I have done an online course in python by MIT which got me interested in python . I also completed a course in machine learning conducted by Washington University hosted in coursera. This course got me interested in the field of machine learning and i am pretty much excited about its future possibilities. I have also interned in ICFOSS (International Centre for Free and Open Source Software) I am also interested in Internet of things ,android programming,virtual reality and also in web development and have created small projects related to these . I want to learn and explore more about machine learning and deep learning . I am very much excited to be part of Intel developer community.


I am a passionate computer science student and love to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence.I am also an open source enthusiast .I love to play musical instruments and also is an avid traveller.

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