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Daniel W. created project Go wrapper for the deep learning inference engine

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Go wrapper for the deep learning inference engine

This project will result in a deep learning inference engine for Go powered by Intel's C++ inference engine (part of the deep learning SDK). Initially, the inference will be focused on image classification, although the functionality will hopefully be expanded over time.

The project will be maintained here:

As part of this project, I have also created a Docker image for the deployment tools that provides a quick way to get everything up and running:

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Daniel W. created project Gophernotes

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Gophernotes is a Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks. Finally, we can have a reliable and maintained way to use Go interactively and code in the browser. Use gophernotes to create and share documents that contain live Go code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These notebooks, with the live Go code, can then be shared with others via email, Dropbox, GitHub and the Jupyter Notebook Viewer. Go forth and do data science, or anything else interesting, with go notebooks!


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Thumb shb9wjmv Daniel Whitenack

Created: 12/02/2016

A Go kernel for Jupyter Notebooks. Enabling Machine Learning and exploratory data analysis with Go.

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Wendy Boswell

Program Manager, Intel Software Innovators

Portland, OR, USA

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Bob Duffy

Folsom, CA, USA

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Black Belt
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Martin Foertsch

Intel Software Innovator and Black Belt, Oracle JavaOne Rock Star, Computer Scientist, Speaker, Author for

Beta-Straße 13A, 85774 Unterföhring, Germany

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b08 the Robot

Thumb steve intel mesh dev profile Steve Favis

Created: 08/16/2016

b08 the Robot is in pre-seed stage and we are recruiting developers of all skills sets and of all...

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Mini Drone Game

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 02/23/2016

Designed for your backyard, two mini drones play a game of strategy mixed with piloting skill.

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Space Mines

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 11/13/2015

Intel RealSense powered arcade game, controlled by using head and mouth

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Dart Scorer

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 11/28/2015

Automatically scores your darts and visually logs your history. Logs each round, and will scores...

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Thumb erika Erika Harvey

Created: 11/13/2016

enabling edler care facilties the ability to PREVENT cognitively impaired patients from wandering.

Medium real sense
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Intel RealSense™

Natural interaction, immersive, collaboration, gaming and learning, 3D scanning. Integrate tracki...

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Intel is inside more and more Android devices, and we have tools and resources to make your app d...

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Modern Code

Drive faster breakthroughs through faster code: Get more results on your hardware today and carry...

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are transforming the...

Medium morgan stanley 75 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things by 2020
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Internet of Things

Jumpstart your prototyping without reinventing the wheel. The Intel® IoT Developer Program provid...

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Game Development

Upgrade your skills as a game developer, share your game projects, and connect with other develop...

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Dennis Masesi

Computer Science student but passionate with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Njoro, Kenya

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Amit Anand

Patna, Bihar, India

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Tejpal Singh

407 E Fort St, Detroit, MI 48226, USA

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