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Anuj Duggal

Googler . Founder - Student Yatra and UX Project . Former Graphics Software Engineer at Intel . Google Developer Group Bangalore organizer

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Pooja Baraskar

Pooja Baraskar is an Intel Innovator and Microsoft MVP. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional and C# specialist. She enjoys developing games rather than playing. She has develped many apps and games for Windows Store and Tizen Store. Her current interest is Internet of Things, hence won Microsoft Internet of Things competition and has been awarded at Azure Conference 2015 Pune also all her articles at CodeProject are prize winning. Recently she has been awarded as the Most Valuable Blogger by DZone. Know more about Pooja from her blog

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Marco Dal Pino

Microsoft MVP, Intel Black Belt Software Developer, Intel Software Innovator, Nokia Developer Champion, , Freelance Consultant, Mobile and E

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Intel is inside more and more Android devices, and we have tools and resources to make your app d...

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Modern Code

Drive faster breakthroughs through faster code: Get more results on your hardware today and carry...

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are transforming the...

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Jones Chakkalakkal

Jones Chakkalakkal student at CET. Super passionate about AI, robotics and tech. Teaches and organises workshops on future tech

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Shruti Saini

Possesses a B.Tech in Computer Science and currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science specialization in Data Analytics.

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My name is Savio and i am currently in 3rd semester, studying undergraduate in computer engineering.

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Arnab Dey

Hardworking, love Programming and designing web pages. Always Ready to accept new Challenges.