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Smart Chicken Farm

Traditional farming in Indonesia now mostly managed by young people that aware with technologies. In this farm has so many problems such as unstable temperature due the weather change, the chicken need stable temperature usually farmer using stove and fan to keep temperature stale but they need to manual monitoring on it to adjust the stove and fan. another problem is feeding, chicken need to feed constantly. lastly the light problems chicken need to have constant light on

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Asaf S. created project Robotic Programmer

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Robotic Programmer

We teach the computer how to write software. This is done by following the footsteps of people writing software. The first step is experimentation. People play with the new technology to learn how to use it. Then people remember code fragments and integrate these fragments in their mind when the software is typed to the editor. We let people innovate and experiment. Then we produce many tiny code-snippets with metadata tagging that holds the information that people have. The AI engine can then use this database to convert Product Requirements into working software. We do this for IoT devices because innovation is in the Cloud and end-devices are just there to enable it by producing data.


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