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Alok P. created project Simplex Method Analysis via RM Systems (for an Airline Carrier)

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Simplex Method Analysis via RM Systems (for an Airline Carrier)

The Simplex Method is an algorithm devised to solve the linear programming problems. The simplex method is very efficient in practice, generally taking 2m to 3m iterations at most (where m is the number of equality constraints), and converging in expected polynomial time for certain distributions of random inputs. By this project, the team plans on studying the application of the algorithm in the area of linear optimization along with practically demonstrating it’s use in the Airline Revenue Management System.

RM systems are used to determine the optimal price of selling a seat or the number of seats to be sold at a specific price at any given point in time. The information required to be able to make this decision depends on a number of factors, not all of which have traditionally been available. The team plans to develop a rather sophisticated system to implement an automated platform that predicts the number of seats to be sold for a specific discounted and regular fare price in order to ensure maximum profit for the airline.

Medium dsc 0187

Alok P. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

Medium dsc 0187

Alok Pandey

Hello Everyone. My name is Alok Pandey, and I am in my 3rd Year at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, pursuing in Computer Science with specialization in Business Analytics and Optimization in academic collaboration with IBM. My general inclination in the domain of Computer Science is towards Data Analytics, and Statistical Analysis in order to build predictive models with prominent accuracy to understand pattern in the abundantly available data, and hence make smart decisions. Apart from practicing programming in C, C++, and Java, I thoroughly enjoy working with R, and Python. Currently, I’m working on developing a sophisticated system to solve Linear Programming Problems via the Simplex Algorithm using C. Further, I plan to observe it’s practical application for Optimization purposes in an Airline RM System. Apart from my technical ventures, I’m also parting my time to work as a Department Editor at ACM’s publication – XRDS: Crossroads International Students Magazine based at New York.


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Aakash Solanki

I am an autodidact. I am UX 🕵️‍♂️Researcher UI-Designer✍ Web 2.0 Developer. A Yogi having deep affair with nature & existence. I have worked on microcontrollers to make IOT projects. Currently doing research on Solid Waste Management. Strongly believe in RBE Concept and feel that if we implement and use Resouce Based Economy in our system then we can solve many problems faced by humanity and earth. Also researching on projects related to circular loop economy.