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Alan Wong


My name is Alan and I am currently on my final year of studying Computer Science at the University of Greenwich. I did not engage in as much AI and deep learning as I wanted during my first and second year at university. I learnt about Python and JESS. With Python we learnt about the core elements of deep learning and how program basic programs such as an automated customer chat system that recognises responses and directs the user to different solutions. With JESS we learnt how to create the game Cluedo with 4 AI players. After this module there was not much more to learn unfortunately so I would like this opportunity to learn and explore more about AI and deep learning.

I am experienced in other languages thank to my degree, my strongest being Java, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL. My current point of interest is application development, UX and AI. I believe these three things will be beneficial for the progression of our modern society.

When I am not studying I teach primary school students how to code via CodeClub. I taught and explained the concept of programming using tools like Scratch. We then moved onto more used languages such as HTML and Python. This experience is very rewarding for me and whenever I am out of term I like to teach.

I was a brand ambassador for another computer software company called Lighthouse Systems. I promoted them so that post graduates could gain knowledge about the company from me and about what they do. I won an award in Industry focused: IT Technologies which was sponsored by J.P Morgan, there was 100 other university contestants in this category. I am very proud of this achievement and I believe that this experience would carry over to Intel.

Thank you for reading, Alan


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