Unreal 4 RealSense Integration

Unreal 4 RealSense Integration

Abhishek Nandy

Abhishek Nandy

Kolkata, West Bengal

I am trying to work on the module as explained in What if experimental Website ,working on Unreal 4 and RealSense integration

Intel RealSenseā„¢

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It's a fork from an existing GITHUB project .I am trying to explore all the options available with Unreal 4 and RealSense with the plugin.The Support for Unreal 4.9 update has also come for the project.The GITHUB link which I am working on https://github.com/getnamo/realsense-ue4



documentation Unreal 4 RealSense

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Geoffrey D. (Intel)

Hey Nandy, I just found out about your project. Just so you know, there is already an existing UE4 Plugin for RealSense that has been developed at Intel. It is currently hosted here: https://github.intel.com/gdouglas/UE4RealSensePlugin

It should be published on the Intel Developer Zone in a couple of days and hosted on a public github account at that time. I've spoken with the getnamo developer, and going forward, there is a plan to integrate the features of the getnamo plugin into this officially supported plugin.

I'd be very interested to hear about the work you've done so far and see how best we can work together.

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Rudy C. (Intel)

Hey there! My name is Rudy Cazabon and I am internal to Intel. I have been following the activities of Getnamo and I am glad to see that there is interest in seeing that project grow. Please know that we would be interested in knowing what new capabilities from the RSSDK you are looking to build with Getnamo so we can help out in case you run into a snag.

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