Smart Home with User Feedback Interface

Smart Home with User Feedback Interface

Srivignessh Pss

Srivignessh Pss

Tempe, Arizona

Designed and implemented a smart home with the CNN computer vision based interface to access door, lights, fans and wastebin using android.

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

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Smart Interactive Home.

1>An user uses his face to open his house door from anywhere. 2>An user uses gestures to activate the appliances like fans and lights 3> A user is alerted if the garbage is piled up to clear


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Opetunde A. created project Blood in need

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Blood in need

With over 10,000 people dying every year in Nigeria due to lack of access to blood at the time of need, this project is designed to help hospitals predict the amount of blood that will be needed at a particular point in time for treatment even before the need arises so that adequate preparations are made to make blood (with different blood types) available and accessible when it is needed.

In this project there will be need for data to build a predictive model with a machine learning algorithm. However, I have had a a lot of issues trying to access the data in my home country because of some health policies in place. Any ideas on how to get an open and relevant data from another country to work with

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Troy S. created project glObe

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You find yourself shipwrecked on an island after a very recent storm. When you come to, you are greeted warmly by the island chieftain who happens to point out that your ship is broken and beyond repair. Your pockets are empty and you are stranded. The chieftain tells you to introduce yourself to the local island folks while she prepares a place for you to stay.

Upon doing so, you will discover the currency, trade, and skills needed to help the locals rebuild their island and advance their technology and fishing prowess. Heck! If you work hard enough, you might be able to set sail again.

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Troy S. created project Mobster Lobsters

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Mobster Lobsters

You take on the role of a Mobster Lobster. Things have been tough lately in the city of Shellcago. A few tough guys have been messing with your turf. You ain't havin' it! You gotta clean up the streets. Tommy gun your way through the streets and take out Eel Capone, The Kingfin, and The Codfather. If anyone gets in your way, they be sleepin' wif da fishies!

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Troy S. created project BooZoo

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You take on the role of a Bartender except something is different... you are a cat and you are serving other animals some drinks. That's right! You are serving some BOOZE to some ZOO animals (Get it? Booze Zoo -> BooZoo). Also, the part about being a cat is quite fitting. Cats like to break things or knock things over.

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Dhawal B. updated status

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Dhawal Babbar

Hey all, Skills ● Machine learning enthusiast - Python (OPENCV), OCTAVE, Andrew NG course cousera - , Neural Networks Coursera -, Introduction to Datascience in Python ● Competitive Programming - C++ ● Database Management – MYSQL Projects​ ​and​ ​Publications: TEAM: ● Star-Force​, A playful implementation of Jedi - force Using VR, Arduino, Image Processing (Shown at TEI 2017) ● Virtual​ ​Prosthetic​ ​arm,​ ​a virtual arm to relieve phantom limb pain INDIVIDUAL: ● Fly the Bird, A basic game using C Graphics ● Lets see your jump, A game using Python ● Sudoku solver, in python and c++ Awards ● ACM International collegiate programming contest (ACM ICPC)-2016 (Qualified for India Regionals) ● Darrel Chong Award - IEEE USICT 2017 - Leader IEEE USICT Volunteering and participation ● International conference on computational techniques (ICCTICT)-2016 (Part of Organizing committee) ● Volunteer at IMC(India Mobile Conference 2017) ● Mc Graw Hill- Data Science Workshop ● IEEE DSC 2016, 2017 ● IEEE Workshops on android and software development Along with this i am chairperson at IEEE USICT STUDENT BRANCH 2017-18

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