MagicMirror RealSense Module

MagicMirror RealSense Module

Andre Carlucci

Andre Carlucci

Saco Grande, Santa Catarina

A facial recognition and multi-user module for MagicMirror2 using the RealSense Camera.

Internet of Things, Intel RealSense™

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The idea is very simple: add a small board and a monitor behind a two-way mirror and code some software to provide useful information to the person in front of it.

I’ve seen on the Internet some implementations of this, but I wanted to provide personalized information to the person in front of it using a camera and facial recognition algorithms. Something like providing commuting time and next appointments for me and change the information when my wife would stand in front of it.



MagicMirror2 RealSense Module

WpfApp for facial Recognition using RealSense

Blog post about the project

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Bishaw S. created project Visual data parsing for automated reasoning expert system

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Visual data parsing for automated reasoning expert system

Extract the data available in the input image/visual and process it to find the close search result available for the related terms. when a input visual containing the sentence "where is Mt. Everest ?" is given the output will be "Nepal", when a input visual containing the sentence "how to get to pokhara from kathmandu" the output will be google maps result with route, when the input visual containing "Gautam Buddha" is given the output will be wikipedia result about Buddha. the system will be able to

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Vinícius B. created project MySleep: A Sleep Monitoring Application

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MySleep: A Sleep Monitoring Application

Sleep is a physical and mental state that plays an important role in the maintenance of health and well-being. It is responsible, for example, for the functions of memory consolidation and metabolism regulation, which, when absent, can have mental consequences and severe physiological disorders, called sleep disorders. These disorders are syndromes that affect normal sleep, negatively affecting health, as in the case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS), which is related to the momentary stopping of breathing at night.

Snoring is one of the main indicators of the presence of sleep disorders related to respiratory causes. By means of the detection and analysis of these indicators we can extract characteristics that allow the identification of respiratory disorders, which constitutes a possibility of previous detection of these, accelerating the diagnosis and access to treatment.

The goal of this research project is to develop a mobile application for monitoring the user's night of sleep in order to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The application called MySleep performs the recording and transmission of audio captured at night to a server responsible for analyzing this signal and extracting respiratory events from snoring and OSAHS in order to estimate the rate of apnea-hypopnea.

The captured audio signal is being analyzed through digital signal processing, artifical intelligence and machine learning techniques. A first version of the Android application is now available for testing, with audio recording and streaming features, and has guidance screens for signal capture and user instruction on care to be taken before recording starts. The next steps will be to extract and display quality metrics and sleep disturbances visually within the application and make sleep metrics available to hospitals and other interested parties through a web portal for follow-up and clinical decision support.

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carmine spizuoco

I was involved in various projects. Among others, these were dealing with Grid Computing, People Tracking, Object Recognition, Face Recognition, as well as with several theses in the field of Computer Vision. Subsequently, I was following my passion for "Creative Coding" and "Real-time Interaction", and founded CtrlAltLab. This is an interactive real-time application project geared to augmented reality and virtual reality. It was realized at the Science Museum of Naples, where the project was selected as the most innovative idea to "Italian Kiics Awards for Art & Science" in 2014.

Carrer de Portbou, 42, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

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Bob Duffy

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Joseph Palma

Interested in applying AI to the news media industry

Hawaiian Islands, United States

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Fabusuyi Aroge

I am an avid learner and a strong advocate of mathematics!

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Victor Akinwande

Masters of Information graduate student, Carnegie Mellon University. Energy and AI enthusiast.

Kigali, Rwanda

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Hector Parra

Brophy College Prep '17 Marquette University '21 || Computer Engineering

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Souvik Ghosh

Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Sunny Batabyal

Programmer, Open Source Enthusiast.

lathar complax, Newland, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012, India

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