MagicMirror RealSense Module

MagicMirror RealSense Module

Andre Carlucci

Andre Carlucci

Saco Grande, Santa Catarina

A facial recognition and multi-user module for MagicMirror2 using the RealSense Camera.

Intel RealSense™, Internet of Things

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The idea is very simple: add a small board and a monitor behind a two-way mirror and code some software to provide useful information to the person in front of it.

I’ve seen on the Internet some implementations of this, but I wanted to provide personalized information to the person in front of it using a camera and facial recognition algorithms. Something like providing commuting time and next appointments for me and change the information when my wife would stand in front of it.



Blog post about the project

WpfApp for facial Recognition using RealSense

MagicMirror2 RealSense Module

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Baye G. created project Rapid Diagnos

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Rapid Diagnos

I am Baye Gaspard, from the extreme north of Cameroon popularly known as Maroua. This region is considered to be the most beautiful region with very rich cultures. But unfortunately, it is the poorest in Cameroon and accounts for the region with the highest death rates with majority of deaths caused by respiratory disease. I have had personal encounters with the resource scarce healthcare facilities in Maroua where I have been a patient, but I have lived to tell my story. Others like my aunt were not so fortunate, and passed away from respiratory illnesses which could have been prevented or treated if detected early. According to reports from World Health Organization (WHO) and The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) approximately 409.4 million people fell ill with respiratory diseases with about 65 million people having moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 334 million people suffer from asthma and 10.4 million people developing tuberculosis, making a total of around 10.4 million deaths every year. This makes respiratory diseases one of the top 3 causes of death worldwide, with the largest share of deaths coming from Africa. Sadly, several of these deaths are preventable or treatable if detected early, however poor health structures and systems lead to poor diagnosis and prognosis. Expensive cost of consultations and diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Many people in Maroua can’t even afford to have 3 meals a day which may cost around 2500FrsCFA (approx. $5), talk less of buying prescribed drugs which sometimes cost 2 times the price of a day meal i.e. 5000FrsCFA (approx... $10) Takes lot of time to have diagnoses. Sometimes days due to long queues of patients in test centers coming from different villages of the region. Little or no awareness about the risk factors of respiratory diseases. Few experts in health sector especially doctors specialized in respiratory diseases. Poor roads leading to late delivery of drugs to remote patients in remote villages. In July 2017, I had the opportunity to be part of the 10 Academy fellowship program which exposed me to broad and novel ways of thinking through Africa’s development challenges. I was particularly intrigued by the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and be used in preventative medicine also. Building on my prior knowledge of AI and robotics and learning from Dr Korsah, head of computer science department at Ashesi University during 10 Academy, I understood precisely how I could effectively solve the high mortality rate caused by respiratory diseases using AI. Working in a team composed of mobile app developer, Muzammil Bin Anwar from Mauritius, Electronic engineer, Bibi Rawiyah from Mauritius Island, and Muli, Joy Mueni a designer from Kenya we created a prototype of an AI powered mobile app that is simple to use, with diagnostic, predictive and preventative medicine capabilities for respiratory diseases in less than 10 minutes. The core functions of the app is based on a knowledge base, and will perform reasoning and make probabilistic inferences with predefined existing data. The app offers other services such as connecting patients to specialists based on availability and proximity and an interface that allows patients to schedule appointments ahead of visits. In terms of scale, my team and I plan to reach other countries in Africa and also integrate this with a medicine delivery system based on solar powered drone technology to capitalize on the massive solar potential in Africa.

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Shravan B. updated status

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Shravan Bhat

Hey There, My name is Shravan and I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering from Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore. From my childhood only, I had a deep interest in Machines, Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence, few days back I decided to start working on one of my dream project related to AI and Robotics, so I was doing some research when I found out that recently our college collaborated with Intel India Team to setup the Intel Lab in college itself. That face brought me here to get access to resources I need to complete my project.

Quick Glance on my project: Connecting any Android Device to an electronic prototyping platform by making use of Artificial Intelligence and some basic maths.

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Rohit k. updated status

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Rohit kumar

Hey Everyone!! I am Rohit Kumar currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from NIT PATNA. I have keen interest and passion for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am a beginner to it and have started learning the basics of it. I am currently working on group formation of Students using Recommendation System. The groups will be recommended to students on the basis of their past performance and their interest toward subject-matter.

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Baris C. created project Scode

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Scode is teaching coding with gamification and storytelling. You can choose your scenario as interest and you can learn coding with your hero. You can write codes, test and run on mobile devices. (iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS')

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kishan sampat

Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Gokula Krishnan Santhanam

Masters student @ ETH Zurich, Deep Learning Researcher working on both fundamentals and applications of Deep Learning technologies.

Limmatquai 122, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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Mate Kisantal

Machine Learning oriented Aerospace Control Engineering student, with some experience in self-driving car control design.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Hyunho Choi

I received a B.S. from Department of Information and Statistics, Yonsei University, Wonju, Korea, in 2014, and the M.S. degree in medical biotechnology from Dongguk University, Gyeonggi-do, in 2016. He is currently working toward a Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. His research interests include image processing such as noise reduction of the image and image fusion

South Korea

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perry obara

I'm always ready to learn.

Nairobi, Kenya

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Victor Kinoti

python programmer, telecommunications eng.

Nairobi, Kenya

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Shuo Liu

I am studying electronic engineering at University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus ), Canada.

Kelowna, BC, Canada

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