Silviu-Tudor Serban

Silviu-Tudor Serban

Bucharest, Bucharest

Visual aid for blind and visually impaired individuals. #SR300 #R200-POC

Internet of Things, Intel RealSense™

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HELIOS employs Intel® RealSense™ technology to provide a series of Accessibility features for visually impaired individuals, empowering them to perform actions and tasks with more confidence and ease.

The HELIOS headgear comes in 2 models: *Light - For individuals suffering from low vision *Touch - For individuals suffering from severe or complete blindness.



Helios Vision

QA by Motherboard

Technical Article at Intel Software

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Paulo P.

Hello Mr. Serban, I'm glad to hear about your project! how can I know more about it? In my spare time I was working on similar project, where I can use the depth map and pathfinding algorithms to point out the possible paths the user can go on the environment. Two little motors (on the left and right pockets of the user will vibrate guiding the user steps). Maybe, if you are interested in, we could chat sometime! Best regards, Paulo.

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Bob Duffy

Folsom, CA, USA

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Josh Bancroft (Intel)

Community Manager, Developer Relations. Geek. Husband. Father. Educator. Tinkerer. Studies the intersection of technology and humanity.

Portland, OR, USA

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Ryan Clark

Developer and Co-Owner of Chronosapien Interactive

1011 E Colonial Dr #306, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

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Andre Carlucci

Condomínio Centro de Tecnologia Ilhasoft - SC-401, 1 - Saco Grande, Florianópolis - SC, Brazil

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José Nunes de Oliveira Neto

Desenvolvedor de Jogos

São Luís - Vila Maranhão, São Luís - State of Maranhão, Brazil

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Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro

Co-founder and CEO of HOOBOX Robotics, the startup behind the next generation of interfaces for monitoring people behaviors. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Paulo is developer recognized by the Intel® Software Innovator program.

Campinas - State of São Paulo, Brazil

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Ramith Hettiarachchi

I'm interested in Programming(c,c++,node.js), IoT, Intel Edison & Music :) Have a startup http://ruhsoft.com (Microsoft Bizspark) Google my name to get more info

Sri Lanka

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