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user-friendly interface for children to enhance their potential

Internet of Things, Modern Code

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Folki IDE will provide a user-friendly interface for children to enhance their potential . In this interface we will find a lot of scenarios , in which the user will face daily real problems , and learn to solve them using the IOT . With this scenarios , he will be able to build his own IOT solution , learn repeat loops , conditionals , basic algorithms , manipulate the sensors with different actions. Mainly , Students drag and connect the ‘Blocks’ which are basically pre-programmed pieces of code. Once you think you’ve planned out the program , connect the board and sensors correctly; you press ‘Run’, and the board will execute your program.

The great thing about Folki IDE is that it’s largely self-directed. Teachers and parents can organize and plan the events in school, with only a small amount of prep for teachers, e.g. choosing the Tutorials. But once the kids have been brought together in the classroom, they (and the tutorials) do the rest.



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Mark M. updated status

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Mark Munavi

Android app that work with insurance companies and insurance broker that is used to authenticate people seeking services from medical service provider in developed countries.

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Victor M. updated project Smart E-commerce Atacadista status

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Victor Moraes

Neste momento estou trabalhando na fase de análise na primeira iteração do ciclo de vida do desenvolvimento do software. Minhas atividades principais têm sido a elaboração do diagrama entidade-relacionamento, do diagrama de casos de uso, da determinação dos requisitos funcionais e da modelagem de processos. Estas atividades, dentre outras, dão-me perfeitas condições de avançar à fase de projeto, na qual trabalhei aspectos mais técnicos da construção do software. Este projeto utiliza os princípios e recomendações de documentação do Processo Unificado. O trabalho tem seguido sem qualquer problema, mas é grande o desafio de virtualizar um processo comercial feito manualmente. É necessário que a modelagem de processos seja feita rigorosamente e sem omitir quaisquer detalhes.

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peiwen g. created project Detection and classification for leopards

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Detection and classification for leopards

My team is trying to build a deep learning model to detect leopards in China and classificate them. The goal of the project is to detect the leopards in the images and distinguish each leopards. The semi-supervised learning model is suitable for the project. I use the Faster-RCNN to achive the goal. After working on the problem for serveral days, I notice the Mask-RCNN and I think it can increase my accuracy rate for detection. And the photos I post was the demo images of the Mask-RCNN model. My tools for developing is Intel Optimize Caffe. And I am using the Intel dev Cloud to train my datasets in VOC2012. To increase the accuracy, I will train another model for Mask-RCNN. I hope this project can be optimized to help nonprofit organization in China protect rare animals including leopards and some other spacies.

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