Automated Coffee Granding

Automated Coffee Granding

Automated processing algorithm that discriminate between good and bad berries.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things

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Automated processing algorithm that discriminate between good and bad berries. Updating soon.

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Chris Barsolai

Intel AI Ambassador [Kenya] | Google Developer | Innovator | Community influencer | All things JavaScript | IoT | AI | Electrical & Telecommunications Engineer

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Anthony K.

Am a python developer aiming on learning python related web frameworks, artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning

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Oluwatobi Oyinlola

Oluwatobi Oyinlola is an Embedded Systems Engineer, Inventor, IoT Evangelist, Tech Speaker with an extensive experience in Embedded Systems Design, IoT, Robotics and Firmware engineering. A passionate member of IoT Europe, who was featured on World IoT Day representing Africa where he spoke about how he used IoT to solve some critical challenges faced by the continent. Recently he has been working in the Avionics systems with rLoop Incorporated (a company sharing the dream of realizing the fifth mode of transportation initiated by Elon Musk, i.e. the Hyperloop).

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Ezekiel Adeyinka

Software Engineer | Robotics & Hardware Engineer | AI, ML and Computer Vision Researcher | Problem Solver | Lover of Technology and Innovation | Quick Learner.I love to Think, Build and Create with Technology with the sole goal of solving real life problems.I’m a Programmer,Developer and solution provider going places.