Alphabet recognition prototype

Alphabet recognition prototype

In this project we try to learn a simple neural network how to recognize noisy alphabet charachters. Matlab is used to realize this project.

Artificial Intelligence

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Using Matlab neural network enables us to create/learn/use NNs in different levels of complexity. This project uses a simple 2735 matrix to define 27 different alphabet charachters, nevertheless one can define a more accurate alphabet list like 27200 (200 pixels for each charachter). to make use of this project easier input is asked from matlab command line it could be a world containing any number of chars. the algorithm makes the input noisy in order to simulate noisy car plate pictures then these are fed as input to a neural network. After NN is done with recogtnition outputs are shown to another window.

you can see/download the code on my Github. In the links down you'll find links of OpenALPR, which is a more sophisticated version of this project.

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Anurag S. updated status

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Anurag Sen

Just thought about a software which will automatically show up the used time of electronic gadget when it is switched off

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Kshitiz R. created project Workshop on AI/Deep Learning

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Workshop on AI/Deep Learning

A 2 day workshop focuses on teaching AI/Deep Learning to new IT/Engineering students of Nepal. This workshop covered what artificial Neural networks are, what are the prerequisites needed to learn them, Math(Linear algebra, matrices, derivatives) and how to implement them using famous python libraries like Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch.

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Shreyasi P. updated status

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Shreyasi Pal


I am interested in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I am currently working on a project titled Application of Deep Learning in 3D Ear Biometrics. Basically the CNN model feeds on 3D point cloud of the ear to recognize the subject.

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