Alphabet recognition prototype

Alphabet recognition prototype

In this project we try to learn a simple neural network how to recognize noisy alphabet charachters. Matlab is used to realize this project.

Artificial Intelligence

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Using Matlab neural network enables us to create/learn/use NNs in different levels of complexity. This project uses a simple 2735 matrix to define 27 different alphabet charachters, nevertheless one can define a more accurate alphabet list like 27200 (200 pixels for each charachter). to make use of this project easier input is asked from matlab command line it could be a world containing any number of chars. the algorithm makes the input noisy in order to simulate noisy car plate pictures then these are fed as input to a neural network. After NN is done with recogtnition outputs are shown to another window.

you can see/download the code on my Github. In the links down you'll find links of OpenALPR, which is a more sophisticated version of this project.

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Aritra C. updated status

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Aritra Chatterjee

I'm currently working on improving Neural Dialogue Generation through Deep Reinforcement Learning. I'm also interested in Interactive Task Learning problems.

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Robson F. updated status

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Robson Faria

Oi minha experiência com inteligência artificial, além de muitos filmes e pesquisas pessoais, foi um projeto em grupo para ser apresentado na faculdade, a minha representação foi da possibilidade de criar sentimento mutuo entre homem e máquina. No meu ponto de vista existe essa possibilidade, se a inteligencia artificial atingir uma capacidade relativamente igual ou superior a de uma mente humana. Meu interesse seria nesse aspecto, de tentar aprofundar esse tema a ponto de criar essa possibilidade.

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Anthony C. created project gRPC framework to support application to utilize the Cache Allocation Technology of Intel's RDT

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gRPC framework to support application to utilize the Cache Allocation Technology of Intel's RDT

Network Functions Virtualization ( NFV ) and Service Function Chaining ( SFC ) have moved from idea to POC to implementation stage . The challenge still remains to get bare metal performance from virtual machines . Resource Director Technology (RDT) from Intel is designed to bring in QoS to the virtual machine resources. gRPC from Google is a framework which could be used to design priority based services . This project integrates these technologies and creates a framework for more reliable and efficient services via gRPC enhanced with RDT.

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Pedro Gomes

Recife Metropolitan Area, State of Pernambuco, Brazil