Alphabet recognition prototype

Alphabet recognition prototype

In this project we try to learn a simple neural network how to recognize noisy alphabet charachters. Matlab is used to realize this project.

Artificial Intelligence

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Using Matlab neural network enables us to create/learn/use NNs in different levels of complexity. This project uses a simple 2735 matrix to define 27 different alphabet charachters, nevertheless one can define a more accurate alphabet list like 27200 (200 pixels for each charachter). to make use of this project easier input is asked from matlab command line it could be a world containing any number of chars. the algorithm makes the input noisy in order to simulate noisy car plate pictures then these are fed as input to a neural network. After NN is done with recogtnition outputs are shown to another window.

you can see/download the code on my Github. In the links down you'll find links of OpenALPR, which is a more sophisticated version of this project.

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Tushaar G. updated status

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Tushaar Gangarapu

Hello everyone, I am Tushaar. I am currently pursuing my bachelors at NITK. I developed passion towards AI and Machine Learning, had mentored the same at a mentorship program and currently was working on "Real Time Sensor based Weather Analysis and Prediction using Cloud Analytics to Improve Agricultural Yield". At the moment all we have are basic regression models which actually work with an 80 percent efficiency approximately. The repositories related to both the mentorship program and the regression models can be found on my GitHub account.

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Tript S. updated status

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Tript Sharma

Hello everyone, I am new to ML and AI. I have theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning. How to go about implementing it. Any suggestion would be very helpful.

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Shikhar P. updated status

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Shikhar Pathak

Hello, everyone. I am pursuing my B.Tech from SRM University, Chennai, currently in 3rd year. I first came across Machine Learning in 2nd year, since then I have been doing online courses on ML and Deep Learning. I have been working with Theano ,Tensorflow, Keras. I have done Data Scientist course from DataCamp also. I have worked on Tableau also. I have made an Image Classifier to classify Piano and Guitar. I am looking forward to working in this field.

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Prajjwal B. created project Machine learning programs

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Machine learning programs

This is an open source repository. Main aim behind making of this repository is to make machine leaning and deep learning accessible to everyone. I am an active contributor to open source and upload machine learning programs which use various machine learning as well as deep learning concepts.Learning by doing is one effective way of learning something.This repository makes use of several deep learning frameworks which includes Tensorflow, Sci-kit learn, Keras as of now. Users can see the usage of machine learning through examples and documentations. Source code and everything is hosted as an open source project on Github. I also want to promote open source contribution though this project. Anyone can fork the repo and send pull request to help grow this project.

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Sachin D. created project Distributed data storage system using Raft Consensus algorithm.

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Distributed data storage system using Raft Consensus algorithm.

Consensus algorithm solves the major problem in distributed systems; they ensure safety under all conditions including network delay, partitions, duplication, reordering. The Raft is a consensus algorithm for managing a replicated log, Raft leader election algorithm provides data replication and consistency across all the cluster nodes. Raft also includes a new mechanism for changing the cluster membership, which uses overlapping majorities to guarantee safety.

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Pedro Gomes

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