Alphabet recognition prototype

Alphabet recognition prototype

In this project we try to learn a simple neural network how to recognize noisy alphabet charachters. Matlab is used to realize this project.

Artificial Intelligence

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Using Matlab neural network enables us to create/learn/use NNs in different levels of complexity. This project uses a simple 2735 matrix to define 27 different alphabet charachters, nevertheless one can define a more accurate alphabet list like 27200 (200 pixels for each charachter). to make use of this project easier input is asked from matlab command line it could be a world containing any number of chars. the algorithm makes the input noisy in order to simulate noisy car plate pictures then these are fed as input to a neural network. After NN is done with recogtnition outputs are shown to another window.

you can see/download the code on my Github. In the links down you'll find links of OpenALPR, which is a more sophisticated version of this project.

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Sudheer R. created project Auto bookmark categorization

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Auto bookmark categorization

The project aims to categorize bookmarks based on the content of the website.

The project uses sentiment detection techniques to identify key works on a particular website and then categorize website into particular hierarchical categories.

Another idea is to use a deep neural network to detect category clusters. This idea is novel because there are very few deep learning techniques that facilitate clustering. It would be challenging and interesting to me.

I will update the progress soon. Stay tuned..

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邵 文. created project CCS Doctor

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CCS Doctor

CCS Doctor is taken as our product to take part in the 11th SWCONTEST, a contest supported by Intel. It is a software that can recognize the cervix type by calling the local Intel-Caffe and caffemodel, which helps the cervical cancer screening. We use the Intel-Caffe on DevCloud to train the model.

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Ashish A. created project Snowball Sampling

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Snowball Sampling

When do we say that a graph has become large or the amount of data in the graph has become big? Why do we sample a graph? When do we say that a graph is sampled? What should be the size of our sampled graph? What difference does it make to work on the original graph and the sampled graph? These are some questions that are very common when people start working on real world of graphs that often span hundreds of millions or even billions of nodes and interactions between them. By the thumb of rule, we can say that 'large graphs' are those graphs exploration of which requires long computation time and 'big data' is typically the data which takes too much memory space to be stored on a single hard drive. Why do we need to sample the original graph? First and the foremost reason is that the sheer size of many networks makes it computationally infeasible to study the entire network. Moreover, the size of the network may not be as large but the measurements required to observe the underlying network are costly. Thus, network sampling is at the heart and foundation of our study to understand network structure. A good sampled graph must include useful knowledge. Our primary goal is to find the important properties that effectively summarizes the graph.

Graphs are used to represent real life situations where entities of internet are related to each other. In such situations, entities can be represented as nodes, and the relationship between them can be represented as edges. Graph Modelling of real life situations results into into networks. Thus, there are transport networks, road networks, biological networks, technology networks etc. Analysis and importance of these networks has given rise to a recent discipline of network science. Analysis of networks that are large and dense is a challenging task because of the associated computational expense. Focusing on smaller and dense areas of network is often preferred due to two reasons : \newline (i) reduced computation in terms of both time and memory (ii) better insights.

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Baibhav O. created project Face Monitering System

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Face Monitering System

In this project the machine learning is used to detect the person face and the points which is used to recognize the the person is done by Computer vision. In this AI is used to alert the person is eligible to enter the gate of the company and the ID Card which is present with his is correct. The whole coding is done using python and java.This project is under construction and can be used by the IT Companies.

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Dheeraj S. updated status

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Dheeraj Sharma

On survey Literate the Peoples and Students regarding all subjects with Modern technology. With Regards to INTEL (Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce) CHIPNXT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD

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