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Bob D. added a comment on project AI Skin Cancer Detection

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AI Skin Cancer Detection

Between 40 and 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have either basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma at least once.

The annual cost of treating skin cancers in the U.S. is estimated at $8.1 billion: about $4.8 billion for nonmelanoma skin cancers and $3.3 billion for melanoma.

An estimated 9,730 people will die of melanoma in 2017.

The estimated 5-year survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early is about 98 percent in the U.S. The survival rate falls to 62 percent when the disease reaches the lymph nodes, and 18 percent when the disease metastasizes to distant organs

Our project plans to train and classify skin cancer types so that user can try to detect cancer in the real time. When detected with high confidence score, user will be given suggestion to see dermatologist for effective treatments.

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Bob D. added a comment on project Art'em

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Using a binary neural network in a custom color space for accelerating artistic style transfer beyond current architectures and implementing it in Augmented Reality.

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Bob D. created group Movidius™ Neural Compute Group

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Movidius™ Neural Compute Group

A group where you can show off your cool embedded deep learning projects and hacks to the world. Let everyone know you are creating projects that bring intelligence to devices around them. Be it a home automation project that can turn your home into 'Dexter's Laboratory', a robotic vacuum cleaner hack that no longer bumps into your cat while she is taking one of her infamous 'cat nap', or just a weekend project that brings you one step closer to becoming a deep learning guru!

So you have a great idea, but not necessarily the technical know-how to execute every piece of your project? Not a problem! Simply post your project idea on the group and turn on 'Seeking Collaborators' option when you fill out the 'Add project' form. You will be surprised by how fast your project will come to life, just by collaborating with fellow deep learning enthusiasts such as you.

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Bob D. posted an update in Student Developers for AI

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Bob Duffy

Just a reminder to everyone in the Student AI Group. Remember to assign your projects to the Student Developers for AI group so this community and Intel can learn about your work with the potential to engage and support.

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Bob D. added a comment on John F.'s activity feed event

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Thanks John for joining DevMesh. Please post any projects, research or even development ideas you have here. There is a lot of interest in how factories can improve inefficiencies, be more automated through Commercial IoT and AI. Love to hear more about that kind of work

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I'm and Intel Software Evangelist, and started programming a Commodore Vic20. Occasionally I will code some work in javascript or C#. Aside from the awesome work Intel allows me to do with developers, my hobbies include drawing, 3D modeling, and beer.

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Dart Scorer

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 11/28/2015

Automatically scores your darts and visually logs your history. Logs each round, and will scores...

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Mini Drone Game

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 02/23/2016

Designed for your backyard, two mini drones play a game of strategy mixed with piloting skill.

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Space Mines

Thumb bob duffy 3d head avatar Bob Duffy

Created: 11/13/2015

Intel RealSense powered arcade game, controlled by using head and mouth

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Hacker Lab IoT

A repository for projects & information about IoT projects at the Hacker Lab Makerspace

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Keith Temple

DX Strategist at Intel

Portland, OR, USA

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Black Belt
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Andre Carlucci

Condomínio Centro de Tecnologia Ilhasoft - SC-401, 1 - Saco Grande, Florianópolis - SC, Brazil

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Anuj Duggal

Googler . Founder - Student Yatra and UX Project . Former Graphics Software Engineer at Intel . Google Developer Group Bangalore organizer

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India

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Black Belt
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Aulia Faqih

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Josh Bancroft (Intel)

Community Manager, Developer Relations. Geek. Husband. Father. Educator. Tinkerer. Studies the intersection of technology and humanity.

Portland, OR, USA

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Wendy Boswell

Program Manager, Intel Software Innovators

Portland, OR, USA

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Hover Bike

Thumb pic Abhishek Nandy

Created: 02/11/2016

In new avenues with WITLS we are working on different technologies to scale up different Realsens...

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Thumb 300981 Thomas Endres

Created: 11/14/2015

Control a Parrot AR Drone quadrocopter using gesture control cameras like the Intel RealSense.

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Thumb rupam Rupam Das

Created: 11/18/2015

Rainbow helps your kid to be smarter and ahead of the other kids and time with it's intuitive and...

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b08 the Robot

Thumb steve intel mesh dev profile Steve Favis

Created: 08/16/2016

b08 the Robot is in pre-seed stage and we are recruiting developers of all skills sets and of all...

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Thumb 11754251 1460154294307841 8741042529250938756 n Omar Barlas

Created: 11/24/2015

Wi-Fi Connected robotic ball with HD camera, microphone, speaker & array of environmental monitor...

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Intel RealSense™

Natural interaction, immersive, collaboration, gaming and learning, 3D scanning. Integrate tracki...

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Game Development

Upgrade your skills as a game developer, share your game projects, and connect with other develop...

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Student Ambassador
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Srivignessh Pss

Interned in Deep Learning in Indian Institute of Technology. Interested in Regularization Techniques.

1265 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA

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I am doing my undergraduate from APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in the field of computer science & engineering. My interest fields are machine learning, computer vision, image processing. When I was in my second year of UG study, I attended a workshop organized by IUCEE on Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) at which I had learned the real purpose to be an engineer and that one is to solve the problems that people face or to optimize it and from that very moment I always used to find out the problem and write it into my notebook which is my daily routine and after that tries to find the solution for the same. Currently, i am doing my research on medicine prescription using the health analysis of a patient body. I had also worked for the AUVSI-SUAS UAV Challenge in which my role is to create an autonomous software to detect and recognizes the objects which were an exciting experience for me.

Sector 73, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Working experience, as business analyst in banking with Capgemini, and as an embedded systems developer in the energy industry.

Solbjerg Pl., 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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Tome Vang

1415 L St # 300, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

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