Number Recognition

Number Recognition

From an image predict the number from it

Artificial Intelligence

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Number prediction

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Andy R. created project Recognizing temperature values in camera traps using OCR

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Recognizing temperature values in camera traps using OCR

The use of camera traps is common for wildlife research. Unfortunately however, much of the image metadata from the camera traps is often inaccessible due to poor encoding and non-existent developer support. In this project, I explore a different alternative to the camera's metadata by using the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm for automatic detection of the temperature values.

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Nick D. created project FANANTIX

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Imagine flying a drone over a concert venue or stadium. Throngs of fanatics scream at the top of their lungs, mere ants to your eyes. Someone in the crowd pulls out their phone and clicks FANANTIX mobile app. Suddenly, all phones in the venue receive a notification. As the notifications are pushed, the phones are synced. The venue has pre-loaded optic crowd wave designs that beam from a blue tooth device. An epicenter is chosen, and then, instead of the "wave" you see at football stadiums, an intense visual (logo, droplet, word, mascot, ripple) is created as the concert-goers jump when their screens turn green...

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hassan a. updated status

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hassan adel

am working on building a mobile application for my business i have shipping company it's on demand service and i would like to use mobile app to send delivery to couriers

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