LIBIRWLS - A parallel IRWLS library to solve SVMs and semiparametric SVMs

LIBIRWLS - A parallel IRWLS library to solve SVMs and semiparametric SVMs

Roberto Diaz Morales

Roberto Diaz Morales

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

A parallel IRWLS library to solve SVMs and semiparametric SVMs

Artificial Intelligence

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SVMs are a very popular machine learning technique because they can easily create non-linear solutions by transforming the input space onto a high dimensional one where a kernel function can compute the inner product of a pair vectors. Thanks to this ability, they offer a good compromise between complexity and performance in many applications.

SVMs have two main limitations. The first problem is related to their non-parametric nature. The complexity of the classifier is not limited and depends on the number of Support Vectors (SVs) after training. If the number of SVs is very large we may obtain a very slow classifier when processing new samples. The second problem is the run time associated to the training procedure that may be excessive for large datasets.

To face these problems, we can make use of parallel computing, thus reducing the run time of the training procedure or we can use semi-parametric approximations than can limit the complexity of the model in advance, which directly implies a faster classifier.

The above situation motivated us to develop "LIBIRWLS", an integrated library based on a parallel implementation of the IRWLS procedure to solve non-linear SVMs and semi-parametric SVMs. This library is implemented in C, supports a wide range of platforms and also provides detailed information about its programming interface and dependencies.

It implements the functions to run two different algorithms:

Parallel Iterative Re-Weighted Least Squares: A Parallel SVM solver based on the IRWLS algorithm.

Parallel Semi-parametric Iterative Re-Weighted Least Squares: A Parallel Semiparametric SVMs solver based on the IRWLS algorithm.



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Isaac Olaniyi

working on an AI chatbox that help teach programming to newbies by providing templates, solutions, guidance and periodical evaluation of each students

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Peter M. created project Smart City Air Monitor

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Smart City Air Monitor

Smart City Air Monitor uses air quality sensor attaching to the vehicle to monitor the air quality through out the city. This idea originally came from Pigeon Air Patrol, where they use pigeon to monitor air quality in London. We believe that using our own cars would have much better results. A pubnub will be sending push notifications for those who enters the polluted areas. It would provide 3 major benefits

1) For the drivers, they can now avoid heavily polluted areas and find alternative routes, it also allows them to monitor pollution during time of the day.

2) The drivers now are also providing the air quality data to the city so that everyone else can plan their days around it.

3) The city now knows where the most heavily polluted areas are, so that they can install air filters, trees, or simply signs to warn other citizens the general air quality around that area.

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Arka S. updated status

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Arka Sadhu

Currently working on a few computer vision projects. One of them would be on media forensics, where I am to use deep learning to identify if an image in manipulated and if it is, I also need to identify the parts which have been manipulated. The manipulation I am interested in is semantic integrity. The project also focuses on getting the geo-information of the image, to aid the forensic process.

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Phil Carlisle

I'm a researcher who's PhD is in the area of Digital Actors (mainly for videogames/interactive storytelling). So I'm looking at technology that will help drive advances in Digital Actor behavior and production.

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