General vehicle information recognition  based on deep learning algorithm

General vehicle information recognition based on deep learning algorithm

Based on Intel CPU + GPU , CNN vehicle information (brand + model + year) recognition

Artificial Intelligence

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  1. based on deep learning;
  2. around 2000 vehicle models, including brand, model, year;
  3. 10 colors;
  4. 7 vehicle types;
  5. vehicle model detection accuracy more than 98%;


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Sudheer R. created project Auto bookmark categorization

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Auto bookmark categorization

The project aims to categorize bookmarks based on the content of the website.

The project uses sentiment detection techniques to identify key works on a particular website and then categorize website into particular hierarchical categories.

Another idea is to use a deep neural network to detect category clusters. This idea is novel because there are very few deep learning techniques that facilitate clustering. It would be challenging and interesting to me.

I will update the progress soon. Stay tuned..

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邵 文. created project CCS Doctor

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CCS Doctor

CCS Doctor is taken as our product to take part in the 11th SWCONTEST, a contest supported by Intel. It is a software that can recognize the cervix type by calling the local Intel-Caffe and caffemodel, which helps the cervical cancer screening. We use the Intel-Caffe on DevCloud to train the model.

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Baibhav O. created project Face Monitering System

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Face Monitering System

In this project the machine learning is used to detect the person face and the points which is used to recognize the the person is done by Computer vision. In this AI is used to alert the person is eligible to enter the gate of the company and the ID Card which is present with his is correct. The whole coding is done using python and java.This project is under construction and can be used by the IT Companies.

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Dheeraj S. updated status

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Dheeraj Sharma

On survey Literate the Peoples and Students regarding all subjects with Modern technology. With Regards to INTEL (Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce) CHIPNXT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD

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Chandana R. updated status

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Chandana Ravindra Prasad

Cross-Domain Sentiment Analysis on Enron Email data Oct 2017 – Dec 2017 Used transfer learning or domain adaptation technique to observe the applications of inter-domain approach. Training data was gathered from three different sources: Yelp, Amazon and IMDb. The model was then tested on Enron Data. This proved to be an efficient technique to apply when the target domain contains limited labelled data and collecting more data would be costly and tedious.

Predicting retweet possibilities based on sentiment analysis of historical tweets Jan 2018 - May 2018 Performing predictive analysis of future tweet traffic for a specified set of users based on sentiment analysis of that user's historical tweets.

Android Application Development Jan 2018 - May 2018 Created many fully functional applications for Android devices like Stock Watch, MultiNotes, Temperature Converter etc. Used AsyncTask, RecyclerView, CardView, SQLite.

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