Ganesh Krishnan

Ganesh Krishnan

Melbourne, Victoria

AiHello helps ecommerce sellers increase their sales

Artificial Intelligence


AiHello uses Machine Learning to analyze existing inventory,past product sales and competitor information to help sellers optimize their inventory for better sales by geography.

Online ecommerce is $2 trillion dollars industry and growing in double digits but it is incredibly fragmented - There are 12 million ecommerce sites globally including Amazon, Ebay, FlipKart, Independent Shopify & Woocommerce sites etc. An online retailer faces multiple challenges and decisions starting up and most of the decisions made are either by guessing or gut feeling. The retailer also spends huge amount of money trying to market his products online & price his product correctly.

Inventory overhead costs are roughly 25% of the product while marketing especially for new sellers far exceeds the cost of the product.

Online e-commerce, in spite of being a trillion dollar industry, is just 6% of global retail industry and these problems will be magnified with the passage of time as ecommerce catches up with retail.

Our technology addresses these problems by 1) Inventory management AiHello manages your inventory across channels. The system can be used to list a product on any one channel or a combination of channels. A retailer selling on one channel can push his products to other channels in a click.

2) Optimizing inventory: AiHello uses deep learning to optimize your inventory by geography. Using its pre-existing knowledge of similar products combined with current inventory & sales , AiHello can optimize the price of a product depending on the channel and location of selling. The system will also suggest the best channel and the geo-location to target your product for maximum success

There is efficiency in learning when humans are not involved. The whole process is extremely cheap and the system learns and becomes smarter as time progresses.

We help to keep the startup business costs low, streamlined and extremely efficient.

Our pitch deck is at :!Am-DHg55IDBMgQfKvewouOFju_ms

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SAI SRI RAM N. updated status

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Hi guys,this is sriram pursuing 3rd year 2nd semester in vijayawada.I am presently working on a project which requires machine learning,convolutional neural networks,image processing,python,php and other languages (used for building an website).The main motto of my project includes detecting the objects from a given image.This is pretty hard project for me but more interesting one because this project seperates me from others.I have a team with one member.I asked my teammate to learn numpy,scipy and pandas libraries .I have already installed numpy,scipy , pandasand other libraries without installing anaconda.I am getting many confusions in this project.But finally i have got a better overview about it and my team is currently working on it.I surely believe that my team can complete the project.Finally i have completed some courses like machine learning and presently preparing numpy,scipy,pandas,convolutional neural networks.

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Bishaw S. created project Visual data parsing for automated reasoning expert system

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Visual data parsing for automated reasoning expert system

Extract the data available in the input image/visual and process it to find the close search result available for the related terms. when a input visual containing the sentence "where is Mt. Everest ?" is given the output will be "Nepal", when a input visual containing the sentence "how to get to pokhara from kathmandu" the output will be google maps result with route, when the input visual containing "Gautam Buddha" is given the output will be wikipedia result about Buddha. the system will be able to

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muthu s. updated status

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muthu samy

Working on Trident Techno Minds Business & Emerging Markets Pre-Planning and delivery team for block chain , Internet of things ,Big Data services, strategy engagements with our existing and new customers in Big Data space.

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