Ganesh Krishnan

Ganesh Krishnan

Melbourne, Victoria

AiHello helps ecommerce sellers increase their sales

Artificial Intelligence


AiHello uses Machine Learning to analyze existing inventory,past product sales and competitor information to help sellers optimize their inventory for better sales by geography.

Online ecommerce is $2 trillion dollars industry and growing in double digits but it is incredibly fragmented - There are 12 million ecommerce sites globally including Amazon, Ebay, FlipKart, Independent Shopify & Woocommerce sites etc. An online retailer faces multiple challenges and decisions starting up and most of the decisions made are either by guessing or gut feeling. The retailer also spends huge amount of money trying to market his products online & price his product correctly.

Inventory overhead costs are roughly 25% of the product while marketing especially for new sellers far exceeds the cost of the product.

Online e-commerce, in spite of being a trillion dollar industry, is just 6% of global retail industry and these problems will be magnified with the passage of time as ecommerce catches up with retail.

Our technology addresses these problems by 1) Inventory management AiHello manages your inventory across channels. The system can be used to list a product on any one channel or a combination of channels. A retailer selling on one channel can push his products to other channels in a click.

2) Optimizing inventory: AiHello uses deep learning to optimize your inventory by geography. Using its pre-existing knowledge of similar products combined with current inventory & sales , AiHello can optimize the price of a product depending on the channel and location of selling. The system will also suggest the best channel and the geo-location to target your product for maximum success

There is efficiency in learning when humans are not involved. The whole process is extremely cheap and the system learns and becomes smarter as time progresses.

We help to keep the startup business costs low, streamlined and extremely efficient.

Our pitch deck is at :!Am-DHg55IDBMgQfKvewouOFju_ms

You can reach us at



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rıdvan ö. created project CLOUD YAŞAM

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Bilgilerin kolay paylaşımı , transferi ,hızı ve güvenliği için hazırlanmış cloud sunucular ile yapay zekayı birleştirebiliriz. Cloud sistemlere uygulancak yapay zeka ile işlerimizi otomatik,hızlı ve güvenilir bir şekilde gerçekleştirebiliriz . örneğin akıllı bir kapım var ve ben evde değilim kapıyı açmam gerek en hızlı şekilde uzaktan talimat vererek güvenli bir şekilde kapının açılmasını sağlayabiliriz.

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Baye G. created project Rapid Diagnos

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Rapid Diagnos

I am Baye Gaspard, from the extreme north of Cameroon popularly known as Maroua. This region is considered to be the most beautiful region with very rich cultures. But unfortunately, it is the poorest in Cameroon and accounts for the region with the highest death rates with majority of deaths caused by respiratory disease. I have had personal encounters with the resource scarce healthcare facilities in Maroua where I have been a patient, but I have lived to tell my story. Others like my aunt were not so fortunate, and passed away from respiratory illnesses which could have been prevented or treated if detected early. According to reports from World Health Organization (WHO) and The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) approximately 409.4 million people fell ill with respiratory diseases with about 65 million people having moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 334 million people suffer from asthma and 10.4 million people developing tuberculosis, making a total of around 10.4 million deaths every year. This makes respiratory diseases one of the top 3 causes of death worldwide, with the largest share of deaths coming from Africa. Sadly, several of these deaths are preventable or treatable if detected early, however poor health structures and systems lead to poor diagnosis and prognosis. Expensive cost of consultations and diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Many people in Maroua can’t even afford to have 3 meals a day which may cost around 2500FrsCFA (approx. $5), talk less of buying prescribed drugs which sometimes cost 2 times the price of a day meal i.e. 5000FrsCFA (approx... $10) Takes lot of time to have diagnoses. Sometimes days due to long queues of patients in test centers coming from different villages of the region. Little or no awareness about the risk factors of respiratory diseases. Few experts in health sector especially doctors specialized in respiratory diseases. Poor roads leading to late delivery of drugs to remote patients in remote villages. In July 2017, I had the opportunity to be part of the 10 Academy fellowship program which exposed me to broad and novel ways of thinking through Africa’s development challenges. I was particularly intrigued by the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and be used in preventative medicine also. Building on my prior knowledge of AI and robotics and learning from Dr Korsah, head of computer science department at Ashesi University during 10 Academy, I understood precisely how I could effectively solve the high mortality rate caused by respiratory diseases using AI. Working in a team composed of mobile app developer, Muzammil Bin Anwar from Mauritius, Electronic engineer, Bibi Rawiyah from Mauritius Island, and Muli, Joy Mueni a designer from Kenya we created a prototype of an AI powered mobile app that is simple to use, with diagnostic, predictive and preventative medicine capabilities for respiratory diseases in less than 10 minutes. The core functions of the app is based on a knowledge base, and will perform reasoning and make probabilistic inferences with predefined existing data. The app offers other services such as connecting patients to specialists based on availability and proximity and an interface that allows patients to schedule appointments ahead of visits. In terms of scale, my team and I plan to reach other countries in Africa and also integrate this with a medicine delivery system based on solar powered drone technology to capitalize on the massive solar potential in Africa.

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Tahir M. created project Hand-Eye Coordiinated System for Autonomous Manipulation

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Hand-Eye Coordiinated System for Autonomous Manipulation

I am working on a Hand-Eye Coordination System for Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (targeting Amazon Robotics Challenge 2018). My project is divided into 3 phases. 1. Object Recognitio 2. Appropriate Shelf Recognition 3. Robotic Manipulation Phase 1 (Object Recognition) using single shot detection (SSD incorporating Constitutional Neural Networks) is about to complete almost 85% of work is done. A heavy duty Mitsubishi Electric 7 dof arm is available for the project.

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Tahir M. updated status

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Tahir Mehmood

Hello Guys I am Tahir Mehmood an Electronic Engineer from Pakistan

I am a research Associate at Bahria Robotics Society (BRS) Bahria University Islamabad Pakistan. I secured my admission in Masters in Autonomous Systems at Bonn-RheinSieg University of Applied Sciences Bonn, Germany starting in spring 2018.

Currently at BRS, I am working on a Hand-Eye Coordination System for Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (targeting Amazon Robotics Challenge 2018). My project is divided into 3 phases. 1. Object Recognition using single shot detection (SSD incorporating Convolutional Neural Networks) 2. Appropriate Shelf Recognition 3. Robotic Manipulation Phase 1 (Object Recognition) is about to complete almost 85% of work is done. I am also guiding some students in their final year project ‘Smart Vacuum Cleaner’. As a part of BRS I also organized a seminar on Introduction to Robotics and Robot Operating System (ROS) in summer 2016.

A bit about my history, I started a collaboration between Iqra University and Bahria University, conceptualized and initiated Domestic Service Robots project, subsequently which enabled me to lead a first ever team from South Asia to RoboCup@Home’16 and European Robotics League’17. I thoroughly investigated different autonomous navigation techniques and developed skills in ROS, AI (UC Berkley’s Course material) and robotics. As an undergraduate I published papers in 2 internationally well recognized conferences. I advanced my technical expertise by doing a couple of moocs on hands-on in machine learning, deep learning computer vision.

My aim is to teach the world AI and Robotics as much as I can. Also learning is not ending phase it will also help me to enhance my skills By working and sharing ideas with others on a platform like this will be a step towards shaping the world’s future.

Knowing how fast technology moves, I really wanted to be part of the AI revolution ASAP.

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Shravan B. updated status

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Shravan Bhat

Hey There, My name is Shravan and I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering from Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore. From my childhood only, I had a deep interest in Machines, Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence, few days back I decided to start working on one of my dream project related to AI and Robotics, so I was doing some research when I found out that recently our college collaborated with Intel India Team to setup the Intel Lab in college itself. That face brought me here to get access to resources I need to complete my project.

Quick Glance on my project: Connecting any Android Device to an electronic prototyping platform by making use of Artificial Intelligence and some basic maths.

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